TRANSFER DATE 07-05-12 AVAILABLE WITH BONNIE BLUE RESCUE – CJ has had almost all of his shots, has been fixed and gets his stitches out next week.  He is the largest of the litter and thinks he is bad to the bone.  He has been with his four siblings and my 4 dachshunds and lab

mix and gets along well with all of them. His favorite activity is playing tug of war with the lab mix.   He likes bossing his brothers and sisters but when he tires of that he just wants to be held and loved on.   I don’t expcet him to get much larger than 15-20 lbs.  He is the perfect house dog, but will do fine outdoors as well.  Just get ready to hold him, because that’s all he really wants.

A very sweet momma dog was dumped at the at a very high kill pound in Louisiana with her 5, 1 week old pups. The shelter has no room for nursing moms and the little family was to be euthanized. Thanks to the PAWS of NE LA rescue program they were saved and didn’t even have to spend 1 night at the pound.

This little family has been thriving in foster care ever since. Watch this short video of the pups playing at the vets on March 13th and see how “PRECIOUS” they are:   PUPS VIDEO

Click “Open Full-screen Gallery” link below the photo and see a clear close up view of the dog

CJ is an ADORABLE Rat Terrier mix fella.  He was 6 weeks old on March 13th. Precious’ puppies were weaned at 6 weeks of age but are still getting lots of socialization from mom and the other dogs in their foster home.  From foster mom Jacque:  “Each of the pups knows their name, comes when called, does great in a crate, is growing like a weed and is sweet, sweet, sweet.”.  This is a happy, playful, well-adjusted little family!  They will stay in their Louisiana foster home until they get at least 2 more sets of puppy shots and are spayed or neutered but should be able to head to their forever homes up north in early May.


Questions, please email:

Click the “Open Full-screen Gallery” link below the photo and see a clear close up view of the dog




Application instructions: click the link below to apply for adoption of this dog.

Age 6-8 Weeks
Life Average
Sex Male
Weight 0-20lbs, xydac-null
Location West Monroe LA
Breed Labrador Retriever/Rat Terrier
Altered Yes
Fee 0 Includes Transportaton
Dogs Yes
Children All Ages, xydac-null
House Crate
Energy Medium, xydac-null
Fence Helpful, xydac-null
Crate Yes, xydac-null
Leash Yes, xydac-null
Car Yes, xydac-null
Personality Shy

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