TRANSFER DATE 07-05-12 AVAILABLE WITH BONNIE BLUE RESCUE – Rudy was dumped at the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter in early December.  The reason for surrender given by his owners….”going blind”.  🙁  Rudy is 60# at 1 year old his ordeal at the noisy scary dog pound thankfully did not set him back one bit.  A healthy, adorable puppy doesn’t even have a great chance of adoption at this public pound, much less a large, dark colored, visually impaired male dog.  Thanks to the PAWS of NE LA Animal Shelter Rescue program, Rudy was saved and is now looking for a loving forever home with the help of Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc..

The PAWS vet in Louisiana diagnosed Rudy with “congenital cataracts” ( and his vision will get progressively worse.  We do recommend he see a veterinary opthamologist if this is an option for him/his adopter.  With every surgery comes risk but there is a small possibily Rudy’s vision could be improved.  His eyes have been treated with eye drops with no response.  He is not at all upset or nervous about not being able to see and adapts well to new situations. Rudy is neutered and current on all vaccinations.

He did test postive for heartworm (very common condition in the south) and is undergoing treatment now.  Rudy should be heartworm free and able to head north in late February.  He is house trained and crate trained, fabulous on leash and knows all kinds of great commands which come in handy for a vision impaired pup like “up”, “step”, etc.

Check out some of their videos and see what an awesome pair they are:

Leash skills after leaving the shelter:   Movie #1 **  Rudy Sit:    Movie #2

Playing with his BFF Tippy:   Movie #3 **  Rudy and Tippy playing 1:   Movie #4

He does get a bit nervous/defensive around bossy male dogs. Rudy’s best friend is a female black lab mix named Tippy (also listed with Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc. and featured in most of Rudy’s videos).

Rudy & Tippy playing 2:  Movie #5 **  Rudy & Tippy in Pond:    Movie #6

Rudy & Tippy playing 3:   Movie #7 **  Rudy & Tippy hanging out:  Movie #8

Rudy getting his nails done: Movie 9

Their foster mom jokes that Tippy is Rudy’s seeing eye dog.  These 2 do not have to be adopted together but if you are looking for 2 great dogs, they are a super pair!  Rudy is truly an extraordinary guy…he is a champ in foster care and is a favorite of the vet clinic staff.  Everyone who meets Rudy seems to understand just how special he is.  Please don’t let his disability stop you from taking a chance on a wonderful dog!


Questions, please email:



Application instructions: click the link below to apply for adoption of this dog.

Age1 Year
Life Average
Weight51-60lbs, xydac-null
LocationWest Monroe LA
BreedGerman Shepherd /
Fee0 Includes Transportaton
ChildrenAll Ages, xydac-null
EnergyMedium, xydac-null
FenceHelpful, xydac-null
CrateYes, xydac-null
LeashYes, xydac-null
CarYes, xydac-null

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