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There are many circumstances that require people of give up their dogs: death in the family, personal health issues, relocation, financial hardship, etc. All owner turn in applications are given special consideration by our rescue. Each dog has unique needs, and we take great care to match our rescued canines responsibly to the most suitable home.   Due to the large number of dogs currently in rescue, we are not able to take ALL owner surrenders. Unfortunately, we have limited resources & a limited number of foster homes.


  1. Keep the dog while we look for a home – If your dog is up to date on vaccinations, on heartworm prevention, spayed/neutered & you are willing to keep the dog in your home, we can post your dog on our website & work toward finding a suitable home for your dog. Please note, the dogs in our program are with us an AVERAGE of 2-3 months…so please do not have expectations with a timeline, this is not a quick process.  It is most important that the dog is in the RIGHT HOME and not just ANY HOME
  2. Want to keep your dog, but s/he has issues you don’t know how to fix – There are my issues that are easily fixed with the right approach, even food possession.  If you are considering giving up your dog due to behavioral issues, PLEASE contact a behaviorist in your area. If you don’t know of one, ask your vet if they can give you a referral. A behaviorist should be able to work with you to resolve any issues so you can keep your beloved pet!If you feel that it is necessary to surrender your dog, we want to help you and make this process as painless as possible. However, it is very important for you to do your part. Due to the nature of the needs of our dogs, we must devote our time to making sure that all their needs are met, therefore, we need you to provide us with the information we need. Regretfully, we cannot process your application until we have received all of the following 7 steps, this need to be completed by you. We are not able to email you and remind you that we are missing the vet’s information, pictures etc.


  1. Complete the online form.
  2. Provide your Vet’s name, phone and address – there is a place on the application for the vets’ information. We cannot look up your vet’s information. In many cases, we choose the wrong vet’s office; and because we receive as many as 30 to 50 applications a day. our volunteers need to focus their time on processing our dogs that are in rescue.
  3. Contact your vet office office and let them know that they can speak to us. Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc. would never refuse a dog if the dog is not updated on all their vaccinations, we only need to know what vaccinations the dog has had before we put the dog in a foster home; we need to make sure that the dog is up to date and will not put the fosters animals or family at risk;
  4. A Dog Intake Application will be completed by us.
  5. Email 5 pictures of your dog to rescuedogvillage@yahoo.com
  6. Copy of all your dog’s vet records before we take possession of the dog. We are licensed with the Department of Agriculture and must be sure that all vaccinations are up-to-date and healthy;
  7. Dogs must be evaluated by one of our volunteers. This tells us what the right foster home for the dog is and will help your dog transition to a place where he/she can be happy.

Reasons for Rejecting Your Application

  1. Dog Behavior: biting, separation anxiety or any behavior that proves to be preexisting;
  2. Medical or health existing issues; for example: Seizures’, Parvo, Tumors, Mange that proved to be existing or preexisting;
  3. Home environment problems that may contribute to the behavior or medical condition of the dog;
  4. Missing required information – if we do not receive any of the above 7 items, we will not consider your application or email you and remind you that you still have information we are waiting for. We will not be able to process your application and we will file it in our archives.

We believe in full disclosure and expect that your application contains complete disclosure:

  • We cannot put a foster or adopters at risk; therefore, we must be sure that we know all the medical and behavior issues before we take a dog. For example, If we know that a dog has separation anxiety, we can prepare and be sure that the appropriate foster takes that dog and that we work with a behaviorist to help the dog.
  • If we find out that you have not disclosed information about your dog, then the dog will be returned to the owner and/or result in surrender to the local humane society.

By submitting this form to Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc., you agree:

  • that the information you are providing is truthful and complete
  • that you agree to be bound by the terms of the Surrender Agreement
  • that you agree to hold RDV and its officers and volunteers harmless from any and all claims, actions, damages or other liability in connection with the animal being surrendered, this website, or any related matters.’



These forms gather information about the dog, ensures the owner is aware that he is giving up all rights to the dog, and offers some protection to the agency for misrepresentation of the dog.

We look forward to being in touch once we receive your completed. At that time, we will be MORE than happy to answer any and ALL questions you might have about the dogs in our care and our process.  We are blessed to re-home many dogs and are honored to work with families who seek to do what is best for their dogs and put the dog’s needs about theirs.

Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc.