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When you adopt a rescue dog, you are making a commitment to care for his health, solve his behavior problems, give him praise, provide leadership, reduce his stress, give him plenty of exercise, good food and to not physically or emotionally abuse him for behaving badly.

If need be, you must be willing to take him to an obedience training class to help establish your leadership, and control over his unexpected behaviors. This is what it takes to adopt a rescue dog. Now you must ask yourself–am I really ready??

If the answer is yes, click the link for more information on adopting a rescue dog.



Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc. is an all-volunteer. We have no paid staff, consultants or expensive office space. We depend completely on caring volunteers to achieve our goal of saving animals. YOUR involvement is the key to our ongoing success. You can help fulfill our mission to re-home homeless and abandoned dogs. Please check us out and see if it is something you would like doing.



Foster homes provided a nurturing home environment that includes food, shelter, exercise, and, most importantly, love. These animals come to understand that the safest place in the world is in the arms of their caretakers. Once the dog is ready, she or he is adopted into a thoroughly screened, caring,
and permanent home.

We are in great need of foster homes for our rescues. Our first choice is to place these new rescues in foster homes rather than to board them. Not only does it save the expense of boarding but we get to know the dog and can then match them with the perfect person.

If you are interested in helping one of our rescues transition into his new life:


Subfostering (coming soon)

A Subfoster provides temporary housing for rescued Golden’s even if only overnight in an emergency, picks up dogs at shelters for overnight or a few days, cares for dogs while a foster is away on vacation. This is a wonderful way to help dog’s short term.

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