501c3 non-profit organization in CONNECTICUT

A Subfoster provides temporary housing for rescued dog even if only overnight in an emergency, picks up dogs at shelters for overnight or a few days, cares for dogs while a foster is away on vacation. This is a wonderful way to help dog’s short term.


Just like fosters, sub-fosters are also a valuable part of Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc.. Do you love Golden Retrievers, would like to help a dog in need, or would like to help out on a temporary basis?  If the answers to those questions are yes, then, apply right away and become a sub-foster for RDV.

RDV has been very successful in placing over 300 dogs in their “forever” homes. Since our group has grown, so has our needs, one of them is our sub-foster program. Fosters are sometimes asked to take a dog or two to foster until the adoption is complete. There are times when a foster can’t pick up their rescue dog at transport; or a family emergency has occurred; or a planned week vacation is being taken. Instead of the rescue dog going to a kennel a sub-foster will help out temporarily.

By sub-fostering you are helping both the rescue and foster so the care continues. Your commitment to being a sub-foster allows the foster to not worry about their rescue dog because the sub-foster has stepped in to help out. Sub-fosters are important to RDV, the dogs, as well as fosters.

The responsibilities of sub-fostering are the same as fostering: provide a safe, secure, stable environment with lots of love. Some of our dogs may need special care while others just need you. Also, you’ll continue to monitor the dogs in your care regarding traits so we can match the dog to the best possible “forever home”.

If you think that you might like to sub-foster, please click here and fill out an application TODAY.

Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc.