501c3 non-profit organization in CONNECTICUT

There are three transporters to get dogs to the Northeast from the South on the Alabama Gulf Shore in Fairhope. This is one that we use. The adoption fee posted on each page of our bio includes the transport fee. Please feel free to peruse these transporter’s respective websites to learn more about that facet of the process as well. A brief bio of the transporters below.



Website Link: PETS

PETS is owned and operated by Kyle and Pam Peterson. Being animal lovers, they started helping with volunteer animal transports in and around Tennessee. As they became more involved, their volunteer work developed into a full time job. They realized a need for safe, affordable transport for the many rescue dogs being adopted to new homes up north from the kill shelters in the Southeast.  Kyle Peterson and wife Pam started P.E.T.S. LLC in order to provide a low cost transport option for animal rescue groups to get their dogs to new homes. As one of the founders, Kyle started out “”doing everything thing involved with the operations side of transporting dogs. Including answering the phone, picking up dogs, cleaning the crates and trailers, maintenanceing the trucks, walking dogs, and delivering the dogs to New England.
Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc.