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We are always in need of foster homes!  If you would be willing to foster a foster for Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc. until he/she goes to their forever home, please fill out the FOSTER APPLICATION

Our foster homes will have the same approval process as an adoptive family which is a: vet check, phone interview, & home visit.  If you have not been contacted by one of our volunteers within 7-10 days, please email: rescuedogvillage@yahoo.com


A foster home is a short-term safe haven for a rescued dog. It is the most crucial yet ingredient in canine rescue. The more available foster homes, the more dogs we are able to rescue. For the dogs in animal control facilities, ashortage of space means death. Our dogs are placed in foster homes after being cleared by our veterinarians.

Briefly, the responsibilities of doggie foster care are as follows:

  • A foster home must provide a safe, secure, stable environment
  • Behavior and medial assessment done by the foster family and is critical to placement of the dog. It gives RDV the time to be sure that all the needs of a dog are met before they are put in homes. We must be sure that the dog is ready for his new owners
  • Most importantly, the love needed to nurture those dogs back to their happy, healthy selves. Some dogs require special care, such as post medical attention, increasing weight or strength, socializing, building trust, exercise, and fun. Some dogs just require you.

RESCUE DOG VILLAGE GUARDIAN, INC. handles all of the logistics of placing the dogs and covers all expenses for any necessary medical care.


If you have always wanted to do something about the horrific euthanasia rate at the shelters, but have not felt you were ready for a dog full time, fostering presents an opportunity to save lives on an ongoing basis. Many a fabulous match has been made for people who weren’t sure they were ready to commit to adopting one of our dogs, but who were sure they could provide temporary care and were willing to give it a try.


  • Emotional – It takes a very special person to open their hearts to one of these dogs, to love and nurture them for a period of time, and then give them up when their new permanent home is found.
  • Financial – Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc. will continue to provide for the dog’s medical expenses.
  • Time – Foster dogs can be in foster care from one week to eight weeks. Are you someone who has time available? The experience of seeing a dog grow and hope again is something that you and your family take with you the rest of your life. YOU ARE A HERO.
  • Emotional Support & Socialization – We ask that you give your foster the emotional support necessary to help them transition through this phase. Often this involves helping to socialize them, making them feel more secure and good about themselves. In short, we ask that your foster becomes part of your family.
  • Personality Observations/Medical Issues Information To Us – Help us update your foster dog’s bio with information such as: are they housebroken? OK with cats? Likes other dogs or prefers to be an only dog? The more we get to know about the rescue through the observations of the foster parent, the better the chance of a successful forever home.
  • Congratulate Yourself – It is easy to say “I want to help” or “I’d like to take them all” but by taking ONE needy dog into your home, you are making the difference between life and death. Your commitment creates a space for us to take another dog out of the shelter.
  • Foster Family’s Role with Applicant’s Approval – We never approve an application for a dog that is fostered without first discussing the placement with their foster. Our fosters know and love our dogs as one of their own. They know the needs of the dog and we trust their opinions.
  • How Long Do I Have a Dog – the length of time a dog is with a foster is anywhere from 1 week to 8 weeks. However, there are times that a dog is in a home longer. If a dog is with a foster longer then 3 months, we look to see if we should move the dog to another foster home. We have been very successful when we do that, why? We really don’t know.


If a foster decides that they might want to adopt their foster dog, they must:

  • Notify the rescue within 7 days of receiving the dog in their home;
  • The foster is required to fill out an adoption application, this is done so that all their information is updated and their status is changed from foster to adopter applicant;
  • The foster will be considered along with the other active applications;
  • The decision will be made with the best match for the dog.


  • Are you a prospective first time dog owner and are not really sure you’re ready for the responsibility
  • Do you think that you might be ready for a dog (or another dog), but you’re not completely sure?
  • Do you have other pets and want to make sure that the new dog is compatible,

A “foster to adopt” is a great opportunity to share your home before you commit to a permanent adoption. We give you 7 days and if you decide in 7 days that this is not the dog for you, you agree to foster the dog until he/she is adopted. While the dog is in your home, we will continue to review applications and notify serious potential applicants that the dog might be available. This way, we don’t interrupt the flow of interested applicants and you don’t feel bound to keep the dog.


  1. Application to Foster – Just click the link and fill out the application.   Fill out application now.
  2. Foster Agreement – This explains the responsibilities of both Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc. and those of the foster home. Click here to see the Agreement to Foster.
  3. Vet Check – You must call your vets office and give them permission to speak to one of our volunteers. All fosters must pass a vet check. If you have never owned a dog, then you could be a part of our Subfoster Program until we get to know you.
  4. Home Check As with our adoption process, we also do a home check. If it is a house, we look for a safe environment such as a fenced yard free of debris and harmful areas.
  5. Live in an Apartment – If you live in an apartment, please remember many dogs, and not just small ones, do very well in an apartment. However, the landlord approval does become a factor for apartment dwellers and fostering should only be considered if you have spoken to your landlord. You will be required to obtain written approval from your landlord that states you can foster a dog and the size/weight of the dog you are allowed to foster.




"Some people have wondered how I could foster a dog I will eventually have to give away, but the sadness of giving them away is nothing compared to the thought of never giving them a chance to live!"

Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc.