ADOPTED 07-15-12 – Chase is a very handsome St. Bernard / Golden mix. Please remember that the breed we post is our best guess and it is based on what we have been told by our veterinarian. There are so many dog breeds now that it is getting harder and harder to be sure about some mixed breeds. He is a very happy boy and has a special personality that makes him one of a kind. He is housetrained and does well in or out of the crate. Chase very much wants to please and will do anything for his human person.

He loves to be hugged and will follow you anywhere. He plays well with other dogs no matter what size and he will usually let the other dog take the lead. He does have a couple little funny quirks that set him beyond the rest. One example of this is he will carry the water bowl around until you fill it and his foster mom never gets tired of watching him discover new things to do that are almost human. His newest mannerism happened recently when he dragged one of the dog blankets down into the yard, put it under a tree and laid on it, I guess he wanted shade.

This boy just keeps on giving
and is a real treasure full of personality;

you can’t help but love him, watch this
short video and see for yourself and click    HERE

Chase is also a sweet teddy bear of a dog who just wants to be in your lap to sponge up all the love you have to give. He is a playful, quiet mannered boy who is sensitive to strong correction. He loves to play with other dogs and can’t get enough of water — this boy will swim all day if you let him. Chase had to have a hair cut because his fur was so tangled and matted. His long fur will need to be groomed, almost daily when it grows back to full length, He knows the basic commands sit stay and down and has gotten better about riding in the car, he was very nervous about the car rides before but his southern foster worked with him and helped him feel secure and safe. His perfect home is one with a water source he can play in, another dog to play with would be and someone who will give him all the love and attention he deserves.


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