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TY RIP 11-23-11


REST IN PEACE SWEET TY… 11-23-11 – Ty’s wonderful foster mom Linda said it best…”Sometimes love and the best medical care in the world isn’t enough. This is one of these times. Ty, my very special foster boy went to heaven. As I held him in my arms during his last moments I told him about all of the people who loved him and cared so much about him, people most of which hadn’t even met him but were touched by his story and wanted so much for him to get well. I cried because he almost had it all, a home a family, people who would love him and keep him safe forever. I realized though, that he did have a family, he had ALL of us. Every person who contributed to his care, sent positive thoughts or prayed for him was part of his family. We didnâ??t have him for long but I know in my heart that he knew we loved him, and that he was home. So good bye for now little Ty- thank you for reminding us that rescue is not always easy; we don’t always get the happy ending we want for every animal but we have to keep trying and celebrate every time a dog gets a family, not only for that dog but for all the dogs out there who need us to care and try our best to help them.

RIP sweet boy, run free at the bridge without any pain, strong and happy. Thank you for being part of our lives, if only for a little while.”

While the special pup didn’t get the happy ending we all hoped for, he was well loved and cared for and that is all any dog can ask for. RDV needs our help in paying off Ty’s expenses so they can continue their good works in his memory. Please consider making a memorial donation for Ty this holiday season and be thankful for groups like Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc. who are so very committed to dogs in their program.

Our “very good boy” Ty is very sick….

Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc. saw a picture online of a sad little Golden Retriever mix in a Louisiana pound in early August and wanted to help. Despite being in CT, they had formed a great relationship with PAWS of NE LA and the 2 groups had vbeen working together to help dogs at the crowded Ouachita Parish Shelter. PAWS of NE LA bailed Ty out of the pound on August 8th and took him straight to the vet where he was neutered and examined. Ty had an upper respiratory infection and tested positive for heartworm and intestinal worms. Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc. never waivered in their committment to the little dog. His Louisiana foster mom Samantha deemed him “a very good boy” and everyone who has met him agrees! Ty was treated for heartworm down in Louisiana and headed up north a happy and healthy boy on October 28th.

He had several great adopters waiting to meet him but first he was to be loved and spoiled by his foster mom Linda up in Maine to give him time to settle in and relax. A few days after transport he came down with a cough and upper respiratory infection. We weren’t extremely worried as Ty left Louisiana with temperatures in the 80s and arrived north in a snowstorm. Linda took Ty straight to the vet and he began treatment for his issues. Even though he was on antibiotics and under the care of a wonderful vet, Ty became even more sick. His temperature spiked, he had difficulty breathing and his eye were nearly swolen shut. Back to the vet he went and this time they referred Ty to a nearby round the clock vet hospital where he was put in an oxygen chamber and could get constant care.

Ty was released from 24 hour care late last week but is still a very sick boy. His medical bills are in the thousands of dollars and he is still not out of the woods. Everyone at Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc. is doing all they can to help Ty through because at the end of this suffering and sickness is a loving home waiting with open arms and lots of kisses. Ty deserves this happy ending and we are going to do our very best to make sure he gets it!

PLEASE PLEASE HELP – Our beloved Ty is very very sick and we have already spent almost ,000 for his care. We did not think he was going to make it but they released him today, however, he is still going to need a lot of medical treatment to take him the rest of the way.

More details about his condition will be available soon so please check back. You can leave your thoughts and well wishes on Ty’s blog below. His foster has been through 2 weeks of sleepless nights, time off of work and trips to the vet. Your support will mean a lot to  her.

Ty expenses are still growing and he is still a very sick boy. Everyone who meets him just adores him. The emergency care office doctors and techs made us promise that we would let them know how he is doing. There is just something very special about him. All donors will be kept updated on his progress however if you ever have any questions, please just email: rescuedogvillage@yahoo.com and we will make sure all your questions are updated.




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Ty is a 1 year old male and when we asked his foster mom about him, her very first words were that he is a good boy. She describes him as very gentle and quiet; gets along with everyone dogs, people, cats, farm animals and has been a pleasure to foster. He is a little on the shy side and ‘spooks’ easily, but he warms up to people quickly and is gaining confidence every day.

Ty was diagnosed as Heartworm positive and has been treated but otherwise he is healthy. He was picked up as a stray and was taken to a high kill shelter. Due to overcrowding, he was not going to be placed in the adoptable station. He was spotted by a Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc. foster; his PTS date was 8/8 and RDV contacted PAWS and asked if they would pull him as soon as his stray hold was up.

Ty is low energy and his foster mom describes him as gentle, sweet, calm dog who can be a little on the shy side but he does warm up quickly. He likes to play, probably his first experience, but is on the quiet side, he is a very pleasant dog to have around. He is quiet and well behaved in the house.

Currently, because he is under heartworm treatment, he has been restricted to a lot of activity. He is such a good boy and has done all that was asked of him without any complaints. Before his treatment and restricted activity, he was walked in the morning and evening and did very well with that.

He is friendly and submissive towards dogs of all ages and sizes, he just loves life. With children he is shy but gentle and friendly. You can tell that he is very aware that they are young. He is interested in cats but in a friendly way- shows no desire to chase them. He is very submissive at feeding time and will not approach food unless his mom steps back. He is house trained, lies quietly in the car, and is excellent in the crate and on the leash.

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RDVG wants to provide you with as much information as we can because some of our mix breeds you might not be familiar with. The below section on “About the Breed” offers information on some of the Breed Characteristics, Children & Pets, Behavior and Personality, Temperament and more.

It is important to point out that in addition to the breed, there is an enormous variety in the way a dog acts and reacts to the world around him. In the end, your dog’s preferences and personality are as individual as you are–and if you can accept that– then you’re bound to enjoy each other.

Children & Pets

Animal Behavior Guidelines

Many children, especially very young ones, do not realize that pets are living animals and not toys. Failing to teach a child how to handle pets properly can result in suffering on the part of the pet and, in some cases, injury to the child. Taking introductions slowly will allow you to introduce family dogs and your children safely

Puppy Behavior, Growth & Development

Each stage of Puppy Growth and development is fascinating; by the time it reaches its first birthday a puppy is considered a mature, adult dog. Puppy Growth rate is fast compared to humans, just compare a puppy of 8 weeks to a baby of the same age.

One of the most common questions asked about a puppy’s growth and development rate refers to the eventual size of the puppy. How big will the puppy grow? How can you determine the adult size of a puppy? A young puppy is tiny and cute – everyone loves puppies! But will the puppy be suited to your environment? How much exercise will be required for a full grown dog? Will the puppy be a suitable pet for children? The breed of the puppy will determine the answers to these questions. A general response to the size and growth rate of a puppy and the adult size of a puppy is therefore not possible – it needs to be specific to the puppy’s breed.

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Age 2-3 Years
Life Average
Sex Male
Weight 31-40 lbs
Location Belchertown MA
Breed Golden RetrieverDuck Toller
Altered Yes
Fee 500
Dogs Yes
Children 8 to 14
House Yes
Energy Medium
Fence Unknown
Crate Unknown
Leash Unknown
Car Yes
Personality Shy
Email rescueguardianvillage@yahoo
Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc.