ADOPTED 09-13-12 – My name is Tucker and I am a super smart German Shepherd puppy. I am great with dogs and doing real well with my foster home cat. My foster mom said I am learning my commands really fast and I am fabulous on the leash. I am young and need lots of exercise because I am a working breed and won’t be happy just sitting around the house. I have foster brothers and sisters to play with so I get lots of exercise with them and then I get to go to the park to socialize. At the park kids came up to me and started petting me and I was GREAT!!! Loved the attention I got. I also experienced all sorts of new things like a suspension bridge that I crossed with no fear and a trip through the car wash.

TUCKER VIDEO’S   Tucker #1 ♥♥    Tucker #2

I’m sure you can see in my pictures that I have a sort tail, the people at Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc. wondered if someone tried to bob it or if something else happened. My foster mom took me to the vet and he said that I was born that way. I also have a bump on my tail and the vet told us that it was nothing to worry about, it is sort of a knuckle and you can hardly see it. Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc. wanted to make sure that they knew everything they could about me and they are taking good care of me.

I am happy where I am because the shelter was noisy and scary but I am looking for a forever home. It would have to be with an active family with another dog a plus but not required and I need someone to exercise me daily and train my brain because we German Shepherd need mental stimulation as well as physical. Food puzzles are fun and learning things at training or agility class would be great. Are you the right family for me?

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Age9 Months
Life Average
Weight31-40 lbs, xydac-null
LocationWest Monroe LA
BreedGerman Shepherd/
Fee0 Includes Transport & Vaccinations for Year
ChildrenAll Ages, xydac-null
EnergyHigh, xydac-null
FenceHelpful, xydac-null
CrateYes, xydac-null
LeashYes, xydac-null
CarYes, xydac-null

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