ADOPTED ON 06-04-17 – Ruthie and Packer have been in rescue for a while and their medical expenses to feed and keep them updated on vaccinations prevent us from taking in other new dogs that need us desperately. We want to keep them together because that is best for them, that sometimes can keep dogs in rescue longer. Read their story, what would you do? If you can’t donate, we certainly understand. However, could you pretty please cross-post this message to just one other person that might be able to help?



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Dragging yourself to the door, your stomach rumbles and grumbles as you picture the bland frozen burrito you’re going to nuke for dinner. Your ankles are sore; you have a dull headache after your traffic-jam ride home from a long day at work. Yeah, the day got you down, the day knocked you out, but suddenly you unlock the door and your mood zooms sky-high as there’s a loving dog waiting for you. Her tail is wagging and she feels compelled to carry her toys in her mouth—such a cute habit. She is proud of the toy in her mouth when she comes enthusiastically toward you, it may be her way of telling you,”Hey, look what I got for you!”


Their struggle of near death twice, is a true rescue story that reaches the hearts of those that rescue our dogs and give them their forever ending. 

That is Ruthie, she is the first one that greets everyone and wants to get your attention—she wants to give you a full day of affection in ONE minute. She is devoted to those that take care of her and she wants to make sure that she lets you know how much she appreciates your companionship. Ruthie is the kind of dog that will be your buddy, she likes dogs but it is obvious that she loves humans. Foster mom tells us over and over that she is just a real good dog that loves life and kids—as long as the kids are respectful of how they treat animals.  She loves to snuggle and be the center of your attention.

Ruthie You See Loves To Love….
And Hopes Someone Else Will Love Her As Much!

Ruthie didn’t wish to be born, she was thrust into a world where there are too many dogs and not enough homes.  She lived a life of not being wanted, loved or taken care. She had to learn how to catch food to eat, alone, scared, and battled with other animals that saw her as dinner—she was rescued with an old injury—she wasn’t even 6 months old.

Ruthie, and her brother Packer, were picked up by a local shelter and had run out of time—till a soft spoken woman who had a gentle touch, spoke with a tender kind voice, noticed her, scooped her up in her loving arms and took her to her home. There she was given a bath, medication for her injury, vaccinated, wormed, a meal every day, and put with other happy dogs to play with day after day. She learned that there is love and sunshine in life. Her hair has grown over her injury and her heart has learned how to wake up and love.

Ruthie foster mom describes her as a nice size dog, has a moderate energy level, been spayed, is great with all the other dogs at the foster ranch; in addition, she is very good with small puppies. She is also great with her grandchildren, has no food issues and she commented that she noticed that even though she does not have any cats, Ruthie is so mild natured that she believes with the right supervision and correction, Ruthie will do just about anything she is asked to do. She rides great in the car—but she is crated for safety reasons; does well in the crate and is does reasonable well on a leash.

Ruthie is a very laid-back dog and her foster expresses with warmth in her voice, that she is one of the sweetest little lab mixes she has ever fostered. She loves to be touched and show you she loves you and in a very gentle way, she will welcome you and give you hugs—it is amazing that she gives without hesitation—that must come from her heart and soul.

Ruthie needs daily walks, nothing major, a yard with a fence would be ideal where she can run free and feel safe, chase balls or sit in the sun and watch the birds. She would appreciate a family that would spend time with her, another dog would be nice but not necessary. Ruthie is a true companion for an active family or a retired couple. Her playful happy energy will make a wonderful playmate for a family with kids and she would be a perfect companion to another dog. She likes to be with her humans, get plenty of belly rubs, and have a nice warm bed and cuddle up with you wherever you are.

This adorable girl is looking for a loving family that will dote on her and treat her as she deserves–a lifetime cherished member. Our rescue works from our hearts for our dogs; it is the least we can do for them because they deserve nothing less. We owe it to our dogs that the wonderful people who stand to be the last chapter of their rescue and the first chapter of their new forever lives deserve her.

If you have an urge to have an instant best friend that is always glad to see you and easily maintained, you really should give this wonderful girl a look. Ruthie just needs someone who will love her and give her the attention she deserves.

This dog cannot be adopted to Massachusetts residents due to new laws regarding rescue dogs being prohibited from adoption. Please contact Patricia Cabral at: 617-626-1786 or Mike Cahill at: 617-626-1794 for questions regarding what dogs you are allowed to adopt.

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