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LEON AD 03-28-12


ADOPTED 03-28012 – FOSTER UPDATE: Since arriving, Leon has learned his place quickly. He made fast friends with our golden mix rescue and is showing a lot of promise in his interactions with our (2) resident cats.  Leon is still curious (a lot of sniffing and following) but has been very gentle. Both cats roam the house freely with him around, which tells me that they feel safe.

Leon was successfully crate trained in his southern foster home. After his transport, he was upset about spending time in the crate. Since we work during the day, we allowed him to sleep outside of the crate in our son’s room. Each night he goes to bed easily, sleeps through the night with no disturbances or accidents. Leon is happiest when he’s with people or another dog.

As of Wednesday, Leon has also been staying out of the crate during the day. I’m pleased to say that I’ve not come home to any accidents or mischief, which says a lot about his temperament. This pup LOVES toys, so having a selection of chew and play toys will be important.

And, while playful, Leon settles very quickly in the house and  loves to lounge. Be it a sunbathe session in front of the sliding glass doors or a snuggle near your feet — he really enjoys his downtime!

His leash manners are surprisingly good. He will benefit from learning how to properly greet new people, which is quite easy!

All in all, he’s a sweet and loveable pup with a lot of potential.

Leon really is a great, well-behaved dog, and would be perfect for a family!! Leon’s story starts when his owner surrendered him because they had moved into an apartment and could not bring them with them. The choices that
pet owners have to make in the best interest of their pets are bitter sweet. Hopefully, someday, they will be able to have another pet but they did they did the right thing for Leon so they must have loved him very much.

As we get to know him, it is obvious that they did love him because there are several things we have learned about him since he has been rescued. He is very loving and playful, but not too extremely excitable and calms down quickly. He minds well and learns quickly. He does not act like he knows many commands, but mom is working on this!

Watch some short movies of Leon

VIDEO#1 ♥    VIDEO#2 ♥   VIDEO #3

He loves to be a couch potato but he does enjoy spending time outside and also absolutely LOVES to show his affection for you by rubbing on you and snuggling up with you on the couch. His personality is a reflection of the home that he came from. Leon LOVES to be with you always; he will rub his body against you and showing his affection, something we have never heard of before but it shows that this dog has a lot of heart.

He does not like to be by himself, we think that is it an effect from the surrender. Therefore, would much rather be your shadow and follow you to every room you go to. Another heartbreaker is he also cried at first at night. For those that love our dogs, that is hardest for us to endure. In time and after he has been with his new family for a while, that will get better once he knows that he is in a loving home.

At his foster home he likes to run and play chase outside with foster Mom’s dog, he is very playful and gets along well. That tells us that he is social with dogs and people. He likes to be active, but loves even more to cuddle up with you on the couch.

Another part of Leon loves children and even small ones. His foster family consists of a 20 month old toddler—not many dogs have that type of temperament. His foster toddler has been bumped by him and knocked down a few times, but this was on the first day he was there, he has been very mindful of their son since.

He has NO food issues, loves to eat, acts like he would eat the whole bag within minutes! and LOVES to drink. Always have lots of water available, he drinks a lot! Leon is being fed a full scoop and a half every evening. Mom is still working on house training but he is learning—house training is easy for a dog to learn just made sure to let him outside often.

Crate training has gone very well. At first he had to be put in, however, he will now walk in to get to his treat reward-he is currently giving him a treat every time he enters his crate. He is currently being kept in a crate at night in the kitchen, so because he is by himself, he will cry for a little bit at first. His foster mom is a stay at home mom so night time is the longest he is ever in his crate and he does well.

Dogs remind us of their suffering by continuing to tell us their story, another example is when Leon gets in a car. He lies down and is good in the car, but looks worried and sad, probably because of where he has ended up in his past. : (  So hard for us because we want to reassure him but that will take time.

He is great on the leash but foster mom found that he is deathly afraid of balloons.  Leon is still a baby so he will get into things and needs to be watched, he did get into crayons and he will have them as his afternoon snack in an instant! Some good news is that even though he was well aware of the noise, he has done well so far during their only thunderstorm since he has been in foster care.

The only thing that we have not been able to be sure about is cats. He is so laid back though, so we believe that this would not be an issue! His new foster home up north will be a great foster home and would be a good learning experience for him to live with cats.

Leon is so absolutely lovable that someone would be insane not to love him back like crazy.  He is a big lovable sweetie and immediately made himself at home with little to no adjustments!  Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc. is committed to making sure that his family has the same size heart as Leon, because he deserves it.

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It is important to point out that in addition to the breed, there is an enormous variety in the way a dog acts and reacts to the world around him. In the end, your dog’s preferences and personality are as individual as you are–and if you can accept that– then you’re bound to enjoy each other.

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