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ZOE AD 01-01-12


ADOPTED 01-01-12 – Zoe is amazing to watch, she loves sniffing everything; this might be the German Shepherd in her. When she runs in the back yard, she likes to try to herd her foster mom. This might be the  Catahoula in her I guess. The best part is that Zoe is very sweet and playful, and she loves children and people because she gets excited around kids and adults when her mom has her out on a walk.

When Zoe comes in the house she wants everyone to pet her. This is common with rescue dogs that have been neglected. They appreciate every second of love and attention. Most important, she has learned to trust the people she is with and what that means is she has learned that her mom will never put her in any situation or contact with anyone, 4 legged or 2, that will hurt or abuse her.

ZOE is doing great in her foster home. She loves to play, bury her bone and she loves life. She would be wonderful with children because she has so much love to give and she is so full of personality and life.  Watch her with her foster Mom in these movies:

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She jumps up when really excited, like a child tugging on your shirtsleeve, she is saying: come on, be with me. All this needs is the right correction to let her know that she should not do that because she no longer does it to her mom but she might try it with someone new.  True to the protective side of the Catahoula, she will bark at people she is not sure of, this is just her way of asking you are these people ok because I am not sure however, she is standing up for you and being protective. You can be sure that even as a baby, she will stand beside you and make sure you are safe and aware of all new people.

When she rides in the car, she is very well behaved, she used to jump in but now she kind of moves up slowly.  Most dogs like to chase cats and squirrels and Zoe is no different, however, she really wants to play with other dogs that she passes on her walks. If she comes across a dog barking behind a fence, she wants to go over and meet them and play. Zoe is very submissive and does what we call a submissive introduction; she will lick a dog’s mouth. What she is saying is, I mean you no harm and want to be your friend. This is very encouraging from a rescue point of view because it shows us that she has a warm social personality.

Zoe is still young and will need to chew on squeaky toys but when she is bored she likes to tear holes in them and remove the stuffing so like a young child, she will need to be supervised until she gets more mature. She is responding well to stay, sit, down, leave it commands, and has no house accidents yet. She likes to sleep with her humans in the bedroom on her dog bed.

The Catahoula cur puppy is known to have a short, single and dense coat that may come in various colors or shades of grey, black and white.  The legs of the Catahoula dog breed are known to be strong boned and solid. This breed of dogs is also known to have a deep chest cavity which allows for good lung and heart capacity. As far as the personality of the Catahoula cur dog is concerned, one should know that the catahoula cur dog breed is highly intelligent. This breed of dogs is not aggressive by nature but is assertive. In fact on account of its strong instinct to care for their family members the Catahoula cur dog breed is known to be an excellent care take for children. Although a Catahoula cur puppy will make an excellent pet for the family and for children especially one should also be aware that this breed of dogs requires a dominant owner as they are also known to be very territorial and independent by nature.

Zoe’s perfect home could be with children because she will be a great puppy for a family and she has the protective nature that is part of her breed. However, if someone is home a lot and meets her social needs, she just really wants love, she is very devoted to her foster mom. She is not very hyper but she is playful and can be handled easily. She is eager to please and mom thinks she will be a medium size dog not large at all, perfect size. Most important, her new family must remember that she is a puppy and will require patience and understanding, just like any other puppy

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RDVG wants to provide you with as much information as we can because some of our mix breeds you might not be familiar with. The below section on “About the Breed” offers information on some of the Breed Characteristics, Children & Pets, Behavior and Personality, Temperament and more.

It is important to point out that in addition to the breed, there is an enormous variety in the way a dog acts and reacts to the world around him. In the end, your dog’s preferences and personality are as individual as you are–and if you can accept that– then you’re bound to enjoy each other.

Children & Pets

Animal Behavior Guidelines

Many children, especially very young ones, do not realize that pets are living animals and not toys. Failing to teach a child how to handle pets properly can result in suffering on the part of the pet and, in some cases, injury to the child. Taking introductions slowly will allow you to introduce family dogs and your children safely

Puppy Behavior, Growth & Development

Each stage of Puppy Growth and development is fascinating; by the time it reaches its first birthday a puppy is considered a mature, adult dog. Puppy Growth rate is fast compared to humans, just compare a puppy of 8 weeks to a baby of the same age.

One of the most common questions asked about a puppy’s growth and development rate refers to the eventual size of the puppy. How big will the puppy grow? How can you determine the adult size of a puppy? A young puppy is tiny and cute – everyone loves puppies! But will the puppy be suited to your environment? How much exercise will be required for a full grown dog? Will the puppy be a suitable pet for children? The breed of the puppy will determine the answers to these questions. A general response to the size and growth rate of a puppy and the adult size of a puppy is therefore not possible – it needs to be specific to the puppy’s breed.

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Age 7 Months
Life Average
Sex Female
Weight 31-40 lbs
Location Bristol CT
Breed German Shepherd Catahoula
Altered Yes
Fee All Shots + Transport – 500
Dogs Yes
Children 8 to 14
House Yes
Energy Medium
Fence Yes
Crate Yes
Leash Yes
Car Yes
Personality Shy
Location West Monroe, LA
Email rescuedogvillage@yahoo.com
Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc.