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PRIMROSE AD 04-02-16


ADOPTED ON 04-02-16 – Primrose found herself at a local pound after being rescued form the streets of Louisiana at just 10 weeks old. Often, we hear the very sad background stories of homeless pups, but there are so many stories that go untold because these poor babies cannot tell them. How a puppy, barely old enough to be away from her mother, was out on the streets already is heartbreaking enough. Primrose did, however, fall into the right hands when she was taken from the pound by our wonderful rescue group.

Primrose’s foster mom says that she is one of her favorite dogs, she has a dynamic personality, she is fearless, and she has not met a stranger yet! She is around her 2 year old son everyday but is a little too active for his age, however, she loves him to death. As she gets older, she will quiet down if her new family has the time to supervise her around toddlers but she would definitely be good with children that are a bit older. However, that is true to the Black Mouth Cur breed.

The Cur breed has been known to possess the toughness and courage to confront a very angry, very large cat and Curs have learned to be decisive and valiant. They are also known to be silent which makes them an excellent guard dog. Cur’s are noted and admired for their courage; they are willing to face a squealing razorback or an angry wildcat when it is cornered. They also have a strong desire to please its master. They are very protective of the property and family; nevertheless, without an owner who is more dominant than itself, it can become over-protective.

Primrose is now a happy, fearless, and playful puppy, she spends her days getting into everything. Nothing bothers this girl! Her energy is boundless and her spirit is high as she searches for adventure. Primrose is a baby, as with all young dogs, she needs love and guidance. She has a lot to learn, but has proven to be very smart, so she will quickly learn to walk on a leash, ride in a car and display acceptable house manners. She gets along with everyone, as well as her foster brothers and sisters, so all she needs now is a loving family and a home to call her own, perhaps an active home with active children who can keep up with her.  Primrose is very sweet and special, and has not been affected at all by her grim start. Will you open your heart to this deserving little girl?

We owe it to our dogs that the wonderful people who stand to be the last chapter of their rescue and the first chapter of their new forever lives deserve him. He is ready to slide right into your heart, do you have the requirements of a forever home of his own and endless love to celebrate his special qualities?

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The following is basic helpful information and does not reflect the personality of dog mixes.

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The Catahoula are loving and protective with family members. They are excellent watchdogs and will alert at the approach of strangers. Coming in a variety of shades from fawn to brindle and yellow, the Black Mouth Cur is a rugged and sturdy dog. Sometimes, their tail can be quite lengthy but it is not uncommon for this breed to have their tail docked.

When in the presence of children BMCs have a tendency to diminish their playfulness and become gentler and protective. Thee BMC gets along well with children they are known for its sweet and gentle approach to small children. The BMC enjoys spending time outdoors, playing games such as tug-of-war and fetch, and having plenty of room to roam, run, and play.

BMCs are very clean animals that don’t like to soil their space. Crate training a puppy or dog is highly recommended for those times when you cannot directly supervise the dog. Later the puppy will be old enough to be trusted alone in the house. Except at night when he should go to sleep, do not use to crate for longer than three to four hours in the day. Nor should you use it as punishment as the puppy will view the crate as discipline and hate going into it.

It is recommended to feed your dog on a regular schedule. The biggest problem is once a puppy has had one accident in the house, there is a urine smell that the puppy detects and his instinct to continue mark where he smells urine. This is how wild dogs let other dogs know that this territory is taken and for dogs not in the pack to go elsewhere. If you keep the house clean and pour some urine outside where you want him to go and then praise him when he marks there you will find house-breaking goes very easily.

BMCs are quite fearless, however, they are very dedicated to its family. These dogs thrive on strong and dependable relationships with humans, love attention and playing the role of guardian. This breed is very intelligent and generally easy to train. As a pet, the BMC is obedient, loyal, loving, and very affectionate.

The BMC was bred as a homestead dog that would protect its family and home against intruders. This means that a well-bred BMC is territorial. Most BMCs off their “turf” work well with other dogs, but on their family property will chase the same dog away. Their turf can be viewed by the dog as the family’s home, land, truck, or sometimes proximity to “their person”.’

If you want a very friendly dog, socialize early and with a variety of people and dogs of different ages, sex, and situations. Enrollment in an obedience class is recommended so they can meet new dogs and people in a controlled environment.

Due to its outgoing attitude and eagerness to please and impress its owner, the BMC generally responds very well to basic training and commands. This bright breed has the ability to learn to perform most any task its trainer is willing to take the time to teach. Establishing immediate dominance, trust, and respect is key to successfully training the BMC. These dogs require a confident, patient, and caring handler with a strong gentle approach to repetitive exercises and tasks.

The Cur has a burning desire to please his master. There are many benefits to owning a BMC, such as its no hassle, low maintenance coat. This curious breed is always on the go, and often quite amusing and entertaining to watch while at play. These dogs are alert and territorial, making effective watchdogs by announcing the arrival of guests and unwanted visitors, and serving as a deterrent to would-be intruders. The BMC is obedient, loyal, loving, and very affectionate, making an excellent working dog, family pet, and companion alike

Most of the Cur breeds have and are allowed natural bobtails; some do not. The bobtail is an advantage because you won’t have to worry about stepping on their tail, closing the door on it, or the tail cleaning off the table with a clean sweep. The bobtail does not affect the performance of the dog and therefore the “cur tailing” tail is a mark of the breed, hence, Black Mouth Cur.

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It is a natural instinct for a dog to have an order in its pack, therefore, the only way your relationship with your dog can be a complete success you must be the pack leader:

  • When we humans live with dogs,we become their pack
  • The entire pack cooperates under asingle leader
  • Lines are clearly defined andrules are set
  • Dogs communicateshis displeasure with growling and eventually biting
  • Humans MUST be higherup in the order than the dog.
  • The humans must be the onesmaking the decisions, not the dogs.

Schedule Feeding Time – Find your dog’s schedule so that you can work with that

  • Feed your dog on a regular schedule time, always within a half hour of the time

Schedule Water – Help your dog bee successful

  • Keep a schedule for water, however, you should design a schedule that fits you
  • Remove the water dish after the first feeding in the morning
  • After the night feeding, leave water dish for two hours, then take it up
  • Before your last walk for the night, put the water dish down about an hour before
  • Then walk your dog 45 minutes after he has had water. There will might be days where that might be an exception for water.

 Schedule Walking Time – Find your dog’s schedule, then gently move it to your schedule.

  • Start by taking the dog out every two hours for two days, if he goes every two hours,
  • Then take him out every three hours, for two days,
  • Until you reach the time frame you need – every six hours—eight hours etc

One accident in the house, there is a urine smell that the dog detects and his instinct to continue mark where he smells urine. This is how wild dogs let other dogs know that this territory is taken and for dogs not in the pack to go elsewhere. If your dog has an accident in the house, spray the area with 3 parts vinegar and 1 part water, brush with a soft brush, put a towel on top to absorb the liquid, then take it outside where you want him to go, take it out of the bag and put it on the ground, praise your dog when he goes outside.

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Worm Puppies Every 2 Weeks Till 12 Weeks Worm Every Month Till Six Months Pregnant & nursing momma’s wormed more After That Dogs should be wormed every three months
1ST DHPP Giardia Snap Test BloodTests Office Visit Fee – at least five Visits
2ND DHPP Heart Worm Snap Test Antibiotics Health Certificate
3RD DHPP Parvo Snap Test Ear & Eye Medication Skin Scraping
Bordetalla Fecal Test Flea & Tick Medication Transport
Rabies Ear Test X-Rays Spay / Neuter
Kennel Cough Booster Eye Test Dewormer Collars
Leptospirosis Corona Booster HW Pills Head Cones



Application instructions: click the link below to apply for adoption of this dog.

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Black Mouth Cur Quick Facts

  • Weight:Averages 55 to 90 pounds with females being smaller.
  • Height:Averages 20 to 25 inches in height at the withers.
  • Coat:Short smooth coat
  • Color: reddish yellow or fawn color with a black muzzle or mask.

Ideal Human Companions

  • Active singles
  • Outdoorsy types
  • Families

Trademark Traits

  • Rugged
  • Rustic
  • Dependable
  • Kind-hearted
  • Protective


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  • Always teach children how to approach and touch dogs
  • Always supervise any interactions between dogs and young children to prevent any biting or ear or tail pulling on the part of either party.
  • Teach your child never to approach any dog while he’s eating or sleeping or to try to take the dog’s food away. No dog, no matter how friendly, should ever be left unsupervised with a child.
  • Children need to be taught how to approach and touch dogs, and always supervise any interactions between dogs and young children.
  • No dog should ever be left unsupervised with a child because often-young children don’t understand that a cute little dog, or any dog, might not want “love and kisses.”
  • Never let young children pick up a puppy or small dog. Instead, make them sit on the floor with the dog in their lap. Pay attention to the dog’s body language, and put him safely in his crate if he appears to be unhappy or uncomfortable with the child’s attention.
  • Always teach children how to approach and touch dogs, and always supervise any interactions between dogs.
  • Teach your child never to approach any dog while he’s eating or sleeping or to try to take the dog’s food away. No dog should ever be left unsupervised with a child.
  • Be prepared dogs will protect themselves
  • Most important, it is your responsibility to make sure that your children and the dog are supervised at all times and safe. You cannot leave it up to the dog, the dog is an animal and will behave like an animal. They rely on us to guide and protect them, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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  1. Introducing Your Dog to a New Home
  2. Cesar’s House Rules
  3. How do I stop a dog from jumping?

Click the expand button in the lower right corner of each video to view full-screen. See Cesar Millan’s tips on dog behavior.


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RDVG wants to provide you with as much information as we can because some of our mix breeds you might not be familiar with. The below section on “About the Breed” offers information on some of the Breed Characteristics, Children & Pets, Behavior and Personality, Temperament and more.

It is important to point out that in addition to the breed, there is an enormous variety in the way a dog acts and reacts to the world around him. In the end, your dog’s preferences and personality are as individual as you are–and if you can accept that– then you’re bound to enjoy each other.

Children & Pets

Animal Behavior Guidelines

Many children, especially very young ones, do not realize that pets are living animals and not toys. Failing to teach a child how to handle pets properly can result in suffering on the part of the pet and, in some cases, injury to the child. Taking introductions slowly will allow you to introduce family dogs and your children safely

Puppy Behavior, Growth & Development

Each stage of Puppy Growth and development is fascinating; by the time it reaches its first birthday a puppy is considered a mature, adult dog. Puppy Growth rate is fast compared to humans, just compare a puppy of 8 weeks to a baby of the same age.

One of the most common questions asked about a puppy’s growth and development rate refers to the eventual size of the puppy. How big will the puppy grow? How can you determine the adult size of a puppy? A young puppy is tiny and cute – everyone loves puppies! But will the puppy be suited to your environment? How much exercise will be required for a full grown dog? Will the puppy be a suitable pet for children? The breed of the puppy will determine the answers to these questions. A general response to the size and growth rate of a puppy and the adult size of a puppy is therefore not possible – it needs to be specific to the puppy’s breed.

What the Adoption Fee Pays For


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Age 3/9/16: 10-11 Weeks;
Life Average 12-14 Years
Sex Female
Weight 0-20lbs
Location Winnsboro LA
Breed Black Mouth Cut
Altered No
Fee All Shots + Transport – 450
RDV # RDV673
Dogs Yes
Children 8 to 14, Over 14
House Learning
Energy Medium
Fence Helpful
Crate Learning
Leash Learning
Car Learning
Personality Primrose has proven to be very smart, she gets along with everyone, as well as her foster brothers and sisters,
Organization Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc.
Name Kris
Phone 860.940.3350
Location Preston, CT
Email rescuedogvillage@yahoo.com
Facebook Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc.
Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc.