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TEDDY#1 AD 06-02-12


ADOPTED 06-02-12 – Everyone Teddy meets tells me his photos do not do him justice, and I do agree. He is really the talk of the town, so handsome and charming. If you take him out to the Dog Park, pet store or groomer you will have people woo-ing him from near and far.

Teddy’s appointment to remove the splint is 6-5-2012, however all this time I don’t think he noticed he had a splint on. His recovery is remarkable; he is such a happy dog. He loves everyone he meets and is not afraid to tell the world that he needs to be pet and loved on, he is a real Casanova and cuddlier. He’s a good sleeper and loves his crate. He’s great in the car and loves to watch the world go by. He’s super excited to meet new people and go for daily walks. He enjoys his playtime and bonds strongly with anyone willing to play fetch, kids/adults, strangers.. if you’re a dog lover, Teddy will love you back times 10. He’s especially fond of the ladies.. and melts when you hold him. A little kiss here or there just to let you know he appreciates the attention. Teddy has been to the groomer and made a friend for life! He can’t wait to go back and see her and meet the other dogs. Teddy’s perfect home would be as the only dog or the right dog match as he believes he should be the center of attention but could use a puppy play date or exposure with other dogs to determine if he is the right match in the pack order.

We don’t have a lot of information on his history, other than when he was rescued he was definitely under weight. We can imagine he was roaming the streets fighting for his life for any scrap of food available to stay alive before Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc. found him. A sweet face that needed love, a hair cut to trim up his eye brows and some gentle guidance. Surprisingly, even though he was underweight by a few pounds, he does not have any food, high value treat or toy issues that we have seen.

Teddy is easy to train and very eager to learn new things. He’s housebroken and already mastered Sit, Lay down, Go to bed, Pillow, go get it, bring it back, out, drop it, go potty and is quickly learning “leave it”, heel, and other leash training. He would excel with a training course to strengthen the bond with his forever family and clarify communication from human to dog and vice versa.

We have taken trips to the pet store and had family and friends visit after the two week period of adjustment was over. He recovers well from experience I thought would have stressed him out and came out with flying colors. Each child he has met, from pre teen, to baby he’s proven to be happy and genuinely grateful for their attention, especially when they are experienced with dogs and doesn’t mind a pup that loves to play with toys, run and cuddle with. With any dog, children must be supervised to ensure the handling is gentle and the correct behavior is rewarded from child and dog.

He is currently fostered with two cats and the in the time together, the alpha cat prefers to have her own space so she keeps to herself till Teddy’s bed time at 8pm. The other more outgoing kitty loves to play with Teddy, Chase you, chase me, and a little shadow pawing here and there. They have built a trusting relationship in such a short time. It shows me, with the right match, he could bond even with a cat, or not. Of course that depends more on the cat. HA!

Take a look at these videos and see for yourself how charming he is:

Foster Home #1♥♥♥  Teddy on His Leg Splint

Teddy at Transport #1 ♥♥♥ Transport #2

His energy activity is considered moderate for a puppy of his breed mix and will need time and attention with his new forever family during his period of adjustment. Rescues generally recommend a two week period (maybe longer for some individual personalities) of quiet home-life to bond with his new forever family, get to know your schedule, to communicate with the family members she can depend on, to learn things to do that are acceptable and gentle guidance for behaviors that need adjustment. As with any puppy, potty training is essential for a successful bond with her new forever family. Be patient while you teach this little boy the rules of your home as with any rescue dog you adopt into your family.

Great progress made on the house breaking. we are “treating” outside when he goes pee/poo. it’s working!  One of the cats ended up making a nasty stand cause he chased her sister.. I gotta keep them more separated. only one cat at a time,if i let more than one cat get emotionally involved they gang up on him. Yes, apparently my cats are pack animals.. who knew? He’s safe and sound under our supervision, he’s gonna make some family a wonderful forever dog. If anyone knows how to play with a dog, with toys and guidance, he would be a great fit for any home. (even first timers like us).

The puppy nipping issue is more subdued, he nips mostly when he’s excited which is with new people or a thrilling game with dog toys. He’s learning.. I told him it’s ok to forget sometimes.. as long as we remember for next time. The water bottle I got from the dollar store is a mist style. I love it, he responds to it, and my home is relatively  dry. lol. He’s on a manageable schedule with the crate. and let me tell you, it’s a life saver! Crate = Lisa can concentrate + teddy can gain independence. He’s not so hooked on one person anymore. he’s got more to choose from, new people are his new favorites, and if it’s a kid or dog person, they get to the top of the list – even  more so than me!

I had my friend come over with her three year old son. I was concerned cause of his height and teddy’s reach, but after some guidance, the jumping subsided.. they played for hours. The kid took his squirrel toy and walked around my dinning room table for hours.. Teddy right at his side, I swear they must have made a 4 mile walk out of it. Both Teddy and the kid were exhausted, The mom and I were so happy!

Teddy is good with everything. He knows that his new life with his foster mom is a good one and he is showing her how much he appreciates it. Teddy is good with cats, dogs and children. He is chock
full of love in a little package. He still has to work on some of his manners, like jumping but he is trying so hard to understand what he the rules are and he is a fast learner.

TEDDY’S HAS TOLD US: My foster mom thinks I’m really handsome, with long black flowing hair that’s very brushable. I have a White stripe down my chest, and a little white chin stripe! I have a reddish hue to the fur

next to my nose that makes my Teddy bear face so adorable. My left ear stands straight up, but the right ear tip is kind of floppy, it raise the cuteness factor another 10 points. I have a long thin tails that wags even faster when my human friends talk to me. I love attention and petting from everyone!

I love being on the go at my foster home. Playing is the first priority of the day, second priority is cuddling! I have my favorite stuffed squirrel toy that I take with me most of the time when I travel around the yard. I also love running (hopping) after a tennis ball and most of the time I bring it back to you so you can throw it again! I’m very curious about the yard and surroundings around me. I love to watch people walk by and even am fond of the mail man! I’m pretty quiet around the house and yard; I’m not a fan of barking. I’m independent when I travel and cuddle, so don’t pick me up and hold me because I wiggle; just sit down and I’ll curl up on your lap like a kitty. Speaking of kitties, I live with two cats right now, they’re ok, but i’m more interested in my human friends. Kids are top notch on my list! In the car I like to see out the windows and watch the world go by. I love treats and I’m crate trained. I can get attached to one person in my new home, but spend a little time playing or bonding with me, feed me once or twice and more than one person can win me over. My perfect home would be laid back energy cause it keeps me calm, I hope to see kids or other dogs (to live with or visit often), cats are ok.

I am a little guy (10 lbs) with a lot of love to give, would you be a perfect forever home for me?

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