ADOPTED ON 11-21-12 – You have to wonder how a dog this adorable could end up without a home. Well, sadly, she was turned in by her owner when she could no longer care for her. She’s a 3 year old Lhasa Apso with shades of white, tan, yellow and fawn in her long fur. STACEY deserves a second chance at a home that will make her top dog. If you have time to devote to her, she will reward you with love for the rest of her days. STACEY is up to date on her shots, house-trained, and spayed.

See this small package of cuteness in this video   VIDEO

Lhasas do require brushing and grooming, so if that’s something you’re willing to do for her, STACEY will love to sit and be brushed by you. Of if you’re willing to send her to the groomer for some pampering, she’ll enjoy that too. She has lived with a cat and is also good with other dogs and kids. STACEY is a house dog. She should not be left unattended outside as she will do whatever it takes–including hopping a fence–to get back inside to her humans.

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