ADOPTED ON 11-21-17 – Our vet has recommended that all dogs under 6 months not to spay or neuter the pups because they are too young and their bodies are not fully developed.  Adoption donation includes transport and all vaccinations, except for the Lyme—therefore, the dogs will not need to get any vaccinations for the first year.

Sophia and her two siblings–Rosie and Tootsie—were orphaned as infant pups at about three weeks old when their mother was hit by a car. The owner of the mother dog provided took good care of them and noticed that they were gentle and intelligent pups. With the loving guidance of their southern foster, they learned to eat soft food at a very early age.  Most important to her was that she place the babies with a trustworthy rescue to ensure that they would have a good life; and she contacted RDVG southern partner who she knew well. The siblings were move to our partner’s foster home where they continued to receive their vaccinations and were kept together until they were healthy and old enough to travel up north to their northern foster home.

Sophia is the perfect mix of sweet & spunk in one puppy!  She loves to play with toys of all shapes and sizes, but isn’t picky, a pair of old socks tied together is equally as exciting for her! She is in a foster home with a home daycare and has been exposed to children ages 13 months through age eight, and is amazing with them.  However, all dogs and children need to be supervised, children can be unpredictable and dogs sometimes don’t understand their quick impulsive behavior.

Sophia is gentle dog; her foster home also has a 1.5 year old lab mix and a cat, which she has been great with both!  Still, dogs are animals first and supervision of all animals is most important. Most important, their animal instincts need to be supervised when around all family pets. Sophia shares a bed with the other puppy! She likes to talk to her foster parents…and demonstrates the calmness of a Saint Bernard.

Regarding house training she is doing fantastic!  In her first week she has had one accident.  She goes to the door and gives a small bark when she needs to go potty and is regular in her routine.  Currently she eats three times a day, with olive oil mixed in to breakfast once a week to help with shiny coat and skin-which is a little dry due to the change in climate from LA to CT.

Sophia also loves her crate and goes in at night when told it is “night-night time”.  She can also be found in there throughout the day for a nap, entering in her own! She will be a great addition to any family that is looking for an active puppy! She is an AMAZING GIRL❤

Sophia is in a foster home in CT and is ready, able and willing to steal your heart and rock your world. She’ll certainly take your happiness level up a few notches, provide hours of laughter and live. An ideal home for her would be one where there was another dog to play and romp with and share her days, though it’s not mandatory if it is an active family or someone that works from home. She adores humans and returns her appreciation with unconditional devotion. This attentive and smart little girl is just looking for love and a home. She has proven to be utterly deserving of the best and we are committed to see that she gets that.

This dog cannot be adopted to Massachusetts residents due to new laws regarding rescue dogs being prohibited from adoption. Please contact Patricia Cabral at: 617-626-1786 or Mike Cahill at: 617-626-1794 for questions regarding what dogs you are allowed to adopt.

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