Our vet has recommended that all dogs under 6 months not to spay or neuter the pups because they are too young and their bodies are not fully developed.  Adoption donation includes transport and all vaccinations, except for the Lyme—therefore, the dogs will not need to get any vaccinations for the first

 ADOPTED ON 06-03-21 There are always so many heartbreaking stories to tell from being in a dog rescue group, but once in a great while we get to tell a “happy tail” about adorable puppies that were NOT abandoned, NOT tossed out of a car on a remote backroad, and NOT neglected and forgotten. These puppies are happy, healthy, and ready to start a journey to find their forever homes up north!


This is Ella Mae. She and her 6 siblings were born on 1/28/21 to a wonderful mom who had spent most of her young life as a stray. She was taken in by a wonderful family who gave her plenty of food, a warm bed, and lots of love. Unfortunately, they assumed she was spayed, and several years later, boy, did she surprise them! Luckily this family is doing the right thing and getting momma spayed right away, as well as working with us to get these pups into great homes.


Ella Mae is a gorgeous 20 lb. Danish Mastiff mix. She is a plump little thing, with adorable wrinkles all over. Ella Mae is the happy-go-lucky one of the litter, who loves nothing more than to steal everything away from her brothers and sisters and run away laughing. Everyone in the family enjoys watching her antics. She currently has an umbilical hernia that will easily be fixed when she is spayed, but other than that, she is a little ball of delight.


These lively rescue dogs have an excellent reliable temperament and are friendly, superb with children and equable good with well-30 DOGSJ)). Ella Mae craves humans and she needs to feel as though she is part of the family. This breed is wonderful with people of all ages, and interacts well with children.

When considering adding a new member to the family it is important to research breeds so that everyone, including the new pup, is comfortable and happy. The Danish Mastiff is quite friendly, watchful, and loving. He or she is also quite large, often topping off at 90-150 pounds! They are strongly built with a wide, massive head.  Mastiffs were always known to be protectors of the home, herders, and guard dogs of cattle on farms. Today, their size is the only thing that keeps intruders at bay.

The Danish Mastiff has a heart of gold, loves to snuggle, and always wants to be near you, though their preference is to sit on you.  They are an excellent dog with children and other dogs, though because they seem to underestimate their size, supervision is recommended. This breed is also remarkably agile for their size and does well with agility, fetching balls, and jumping and catching frisbees. Anything you do, camping, hiking, picnicking, walks in the park, they will be more than happy to go along with you.

Ella Mae is a sweet, little girl. She’s a baby, so she will obviously get along with anyone. Children will love to run and play with her, but we always strongly suggest that no dog, young or old, should ever be left unsupervised with children until everyone is very comfortable in all situations. If you think Ella Mae would be a good fit for your family, she will absolutely bring you years of love, joy, and companionship, and lots of fun, too!

Massachusetts Contacts
If you are from Massachusetts, we do not adopt to Massachusetts residents due to new laws regarding rescue dogs being prohibited from adoption.  

Please contact Patricia Cabral or Mike Cahill for questions regarding what dogs you are allowed to adopt 

Cahill, Mike
Director, Animal Health

Cabral, Patricia
Shelter and Rescue Coordinator, Animal Health

Here is a link to the list of approved rescues

Rhode Island

If you are from Rhode Island, we do not adopt RI residents due to laws regarding rescue dogs being prohibited from adoption.

All Dog and Cat rescues operating** in the state of Rhode Island are required to register with the Department of Environmental Management and to comply with Rules and Regulations Governing the Importation of Animals.This includes Rescues based outside of RI that are adopting/fostering dogs into or within Rhode Island

Please contact Marisa Coates for questions regarding what dogs you are allowed to adopt 

Marisa L. Coates
Veterinary Paramedic
Division of Agriculture
Animal Health Section
401-222-2781 x4515

List of Rhode registered rescues:

We go the extra mile for every dog and do whatever it takes to make sure that that dog finds happiness, we give 100% and more. It is what we enjoy doing and helps us wake up in the morning; we know that the dog is thankful we rescued them and thankful for their life. Finally, they will be forever remembered by our families that adopted them because they really rescued them.

See more “About the Breed”
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This dog cannot be adopted to Massachusetts residents due to new laws regarding rescue dogs being prohibited from adoption. Please contact Patricia Cabral at: 617-626-1786 or Mike Cahill at: 617-626-1794 for questions regarding what dogs you are allowed to adopt 

ALL interested adopters MUST complete an application; agree to a vet reference check, phone interview and home visit. ALL family members MUST be in attendance for home visits – no exceptions. This helps us get to know everyone in the family so that we can help find the right dog for you 

Disclaimer: Please note that the breeds posted on our dogs’ biographies are our best guess based on years of working with rescue dogs. Adopters who need to know the exact breed or mix of breeds of a particular dog must have the dog’s DNA tested at their own expense.


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