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NINA AD 09-18-10


 ADOPTED – 09-18-10 – Why is Nina only NEARLY PERFECT?” one might ask? Well, it’s ONLY because this estimated 2-3 year old beautiful 80 pound German Shepherd happens to be in a less than ideal situation currently — RESCUE. And yet, that’s about the ONLY thing we can find askew in her overall situation, and it’s not her fault. So, perhaps she IS PERFECT after all. What’s more, she’s happy, healthy and so well-adjusted right now that her rescue situation is not affecting her in the least, either. NINA is an absolutely spectacular specimen of a German Shepherd and we’ve determined that she’d make a spectacular family dog or companion for a person who has a lot of time to share with her. NINA’S behavior and temperament are so very balanced and well-adjusted. She is a strong and yet very gentle GSD girl with an agile body that moves gracefully and easily as she skulks beside you, content to be appreciated. Our trainer, Randy absolutely adores her, and it’s easy to see why. In fact, to hear a trainer say, “THIS DOG IS NEARLY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY,” gives one good reason to pause. It’s not that often, especially in rescue, to hear those words. But our devoted and talented volunteer trainer, Randy, who has over 40 years experience working with dogs professionally in the military and is equally emotionally vested in their rescue, SMILES LARGE as he shares that with the rest of his team. For good reason too: IT IS TRUE! This Wheaten-colored beauty has a light black vest and the most dignified of faces for a German Shepherd, one that pierces your soul instantly, really!

German Shepherds are a breed all to themselves, of course — spectacular and stunning in so many regards. Make no mistake about it — NINA heralds all the finest qualities of her breed, and is a fine example of what a self-assured, extremely intelligent, confident, loyal, loving, and devoted German Shepherd should be considered. With a strong and muscular build that is slightly longer, her lean body is composed more of smooth curves than sharp angles and her body is solid, but not bulky at all — and certainly not cumbersome. In fact, NINA exudes grace and intelligence along with an air of dignified nobility as only an outstanding German Shepherds can appear. There is simply an air of majesty around this dog — and one is endeared immediately to this special wheaten beauty because of her extreme focus on people — all people. SHE LOVES THEM! And kids too, especially the little two and a half with whom she’s around quite often. According to our trainer, not only is NINA, “the EPITOME OF A PERFECT GERMAN SHEPHERD,” she is good with all other dogs and cats. Not to mention she’s well-trained (as most our dogs are because of the stellar training they get with RANDY’S DAILY TOUCH). “Nina knows the commands SIT, STAY, COME, OFF, and will learn ANYTHING YOU TEACH HER THE FIRST TIME!” says Randy! He also comments that she’s incredibly easy to train — a good thing, indeed! The ideal home for NINA will have the time to treasure and appreciate her as a major part of the family because that’s the ONLY THING SHE WANTS — SOME PLACE TO PUT HER HEART’S LARGE LOAD OF LOVING DEVOTION. If you’re gone for long periods of time, though she’d never be destructive, this is not the dog for you or your family — and only because she THRIVES with human attention, and we owe it to her to indulge the ONLY need of hers. We want to see to it that she’s CHERISHED, and doesn’t have to wait 8 long hours for someone to come home.

Though she’s got moderate energy, she enjoys rigorous exercise of walking and would make a great hiking companion. NINA is a very playful girl and she enjoys fetching and playing with any and all toys, balls, sticks and bones. NINA likes to have fun, and is a real joy to have around. Daily and sufficient exercise that is consistent and regular is the ideal for any dog really, but especially NINA because she is so grateful for the loving attention heaped upon her, and to see her happy is our GOAL! Watching her play and seeing her joy just doubles your own! A large yard would also suit NINA, or an active lifestyle because this is a dog TOO SMART to allow to be bored. NINA can outsmart most all dogs, and does — even the other Shepherds in our care — except for one, the other female who watches her letting out all the other dogs from their kennels to come play with her — and that’s the truth! She shepherds them out and gets them back in when she decides they should be finished playing! Nina clearly plays along and allows her slightly older rescued GSD pal to usher the lesser developed dogs at her leisure at her beckon call. Nina walks very well on leash, too — which is also quite nice, and we are confident that she will make the perfect family very happy, and likewise, that family will be doubly blessed by this special dog’s presence in their lives.

Randy shared, “Nina’s job is to protect and love, and she knows it and will be totally devoted to her family.” When I first met her, it was instant love. NINA is just BEAUTIFUL outside and inside. She has that aloof quality at first, the kind that is so different than a big goofy lab who just loves everyone, and her discriminating stance is more borne of her EXTREME INTELLECT than anything else. It’s almost as though she’s trying to decide if the human is worthy of her attention before she wastes her time. For me, I was near out trainer Randy and our friendship speaks without words. NINA picked up on it immediately! What a great gift because the JOY OF NINA’S ATTENTION, AFFECTION AND DEVOTION are amazing to receive. Such a smart, sweet, loyal and loving GSD!

Estimated to be between 2-3 years young, this stoically beautiful animal is so acutely aware of her surroundings all of the time. Nina OBSERVES everything. If you don’t want a dog who will KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU OR IF YOU INTEND TO HIDE ANYTHING – this is NOT THE DOG FOR YOUR FAMILY! Randy honestly refers to her as the “MOST SPECIAL THING IN THE WORLD.” But that doesn’t surprise me as Randy is so devoted to this breed, having worked with so many in the military. And that’s one of the reasons, RESCUE DOG VILLAGE responsibly places GERMAN SHEPHERDS so well. Not only does Randy’s expertise with the breed shine through our adoption process, but his heart speaks volumes when he works with these German Shepherds. Given their innate intelligence and eagerness to please — it’s just a good match. As rescuers, that’s what we look for in matching our dogs with adoptive families too! The potential family will need to be committed to NINA steadfast and purely, otherwise she’ll know it!

NINA was found running loose in a rural area; a person who brought her to one of our esteemed vets. and RESCUE DOG VILLAGE was called to help with placement since this vet knew that the Southern shelters are just chock full of dogs and this one was too special to go there for any length of time. As it with all the dogs in RESCUE DOG VILLAGE, it is an honor to be involved in the re-homing of these special dogs. NINA IS TRULY NEAR PERFECT. Can’t you tell? Complete an application today, and one of our rescue team will begin the process of conducting a vet check and getting in touch with you if we feel you might be a great match for our special girl. There’s simply no worse feeling than to fail a rescued dog, so we believe in sharing EVERYTHING about this special girl, and hope to learn everything about all potential families interested in adopting so that the outcome can be success all around. After all, HAPPY ADOPTERS TRANSLATE TO HAPPY DOGS — and that’s our goal at Rescue Dog VIllage!

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Age 2-3 Years
Life Average
Sex Female
Location West Monroe LA
Breed German Shepherd
Altered Yes
Fee All Shots + Transport – 500
Dogs Yes
House Yes
Energy Unknown
Fence Yes
Crate Unknown
Leash Yes
Car Yes
Location Alabama Gulf Coast
Email rescuedogvillage@yahoo.com
Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc.