ADOPTED 12-23-11 – Found in the woods in rural Mississippi, shivering and starving, this spritely little puppy was rescued by young USAF Airmen just out of boot camp who were volunteering for the Child Abuse Prevention Center’s largest community fundraiser, the HAUNTED TRAIL. Not only do these young men and women join the armed forces to protect our country abroad, but they commit their hearts to causes like Child Abuse Prevention. With Mississippi alarmingly ranking the worst state in the country for seven of the ten national indicators for child well-being–that matters. But their concern doesn’t stop there, either. You see, I saw this young airmen getting ready to don his fright attire but he had a puppy zipped in his coat, so I approached him to jokingly say, “I can watch your puppy while you scare the community,” thinking he loves his dog as much as I love mine that he, too, brings his pup everywhere with him as well. His response, “Ma’am, thank you for offering to watch him because I have knocked on all six doors of the homes within a mile from here, and he is a lonely stray.”

While one of the gracious sheriffs offered to take this Micro midget of a dog to the shelter, I couldn’t let that happen.  It was the least I could do to help when the rest of the community was present to support our agency mission to prevent child abuse. After all, a community that works together shares success together. And so, on day two of MICRO’s stay as a welcomed foster pup with my two one hundred pound male Golden Retrievers, an 8 pound mop mutt, another foster medium-sized Heinz 97 pup, SHAGGY DA, from the Humane Society who is at the very near end of his Heartworm treatment, and a young female Golden under one who came to us with mange, no fur, HW positive and so obviously abused (she’s now thriving, GORGEOUS, loving, gentle, sweet – and one of the BEST DOGS EVER!). Add to the mix a 14 year old female Golden Retriever rescue that I took in the week before last Christmas when she was dumped at the shelter with her other geriatric mate who has since gone to the bridge. The point of adding all this is to demonstrate how this precious micro pup loves ALL dogs of ALL sizes, ALL genders, ALL ages, and ALL breeds! Talk about teaching tolerance – he didn’t even need lesson number one on the topic! He is simply an equal-opportunity lover, and those are truly wonderful dogs of the best kind, right? YUP!

I have an easy job with this little guy and my six other wonderful dogs to help me train him. Micro or “Q” as he is sometimes affectionately called because he is a CUTIE PATOOTIE is the world’s greatest snuggling cuddlier, a lover of the most wondrously large proportions despite his diminutive size! This baby dog is just so incredibly sweet, easy going, funny, fun, engaging, and adorable. While he appears to be a Rat Terrier, I could be completely wrong. What I do know is that he is mixed with a bunch of LOVE and personality and pizzazz!

After Q is completely vetted and receives all of his vaccinations he will be totally ready for adoption. This special dog will thrive with attention and another dog(s).  He absolutely loves children and other animals, LOVES to eat – and I imagine will be even more voracious when he finally gets his adult teeth in. He just lost his canine incisor right tooth, and I wanted to save it for his future forever home, but he and the Mop (my other little foster) decided to play paw hockey with it, and someone got a winning goal, and it wasn’t ME! Alas, he’s at the age when puppies lose teeth, as he’s still got all his razor-sharp little baby teeth, so that should give us an estimate of his young age!

Currently he weighs in at a whopping 9 pounds of cuteness and is just simply adorable. This bio was finished three weeks 18 days after I started writing it, so he’s been with our family for a while. I must admit the truth: he gets more special by the day, and we are all so very fond of him and his cute little antics! If you want a dog that will make you happy no matter how glum you might be, Q is the one! Q is confident to venture to our fenced back yard when he feels like it – with or without the company of another dog, and then he is equally happy to be part of the pack. And we are blessed to have him until he finds his forever home! He’s scheduled to be neutered after Thanksgiving, and will be responsibly ready to forge forward in his new life! If you’d like to learn more about this special little one, please submit your application and we’ll be honored to talk with you about the potential match!

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Application instructions: click the link below to apply for adoption of this dog.

Age 4 Months
Life Average
Sex Female
Weight 0-20lbs
Location Belchertown MA
Breed Chihuahua/Terrier
Altered Yes
Fee All Shots + Transport - 500
Dogs Yes
Children All Ages
House Yes
Energy Medium
Fence Helpful
Crate Yes
Leash Yes
Car Yes
Personality Shy

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