ADOPTED ON 10-16-17 – Adoption donation includes transport and all vaccinations, except for the Lyme—therefore, the dogs will not need to get any vaccinations for the first year.  Our vet has recommended that all dogs under 6 months not to spay or neuter the pups because they are too young and their bodies are not fully developed 

JoJo is no wallflower. Her wiggly butt indicates she totally lives in the present and is willing to keep her eye on the ball – or whatever else you are tossing for her to fetch. Her foster says: JoJo is a great find. She is a smart, super sweet, easy going dog. She is a spirited pup who can play hard but also cuddle up with you at the end of the day. She lives in a foster home with her sister and four brothers who all serve as playmates. She knows that cats and chickens are fun to bark at, but are not to be chased. JoJo is a baby pup so supervision is needed around the house – as a teething puppy, she might find your socks.

It is hard for us to understand how dogs in the south are dumped or picked up by animal control. Many think that it is because of pet owners don’t want them, which is really very far from the truth. JoJo and her siblings are a part of a reoccurring rescue story that we see about 80% of the time, however, we don’t know if the owner dumped her Mom or if she was born in the wild and managed to grow and live on her own.

Ayla is the mom to the six GS pups. She will be available for adoption soon.

JoJo’s and her siblings rescue story begins the day her mom-Ayla-went into labor on the front lawn of St Francis Hospital. We all know German Shepherds are very smart so we like to entertain the thought that she knew that babies were born at the hospital so that is why Ayla went there and knew that it was the safest place for her babies—what a good mom. She was first seen by a kind woman that loved dogs and was a friend of our rescue partner. She was laying under a shrubbery giving birth and a call went out to those in town that were known to rescue and re-home dogs. The kind woman stopped her day to make sure that Ayla and her pups were kept safe and kept them until the pups were old enough to wean.

Ayla has heartworm and will need to have heartworm treatment so the kind woman that opened her heart and home to this canine family, also has opened her wallet to pay for the treatment. She will keep Ayla until she is healthy; then she asked our partner if we could get these pups into a reputable rescue so they could get great homes. Thanks to our hard-working foster parents, JoJo is and her siblings are healthy and growing fast. This southern pup is ready for a new life up north and would be a great addition to most any family!  She is loyal, loves children, people, and other dogs.

If you are looking for a dog that you would like to take with you and be with all day, JoJo will likely be a great match for you. We are looking for someone who has a lot of time and attention to give to JoJo because she deserves nothing less. This adorable gal is looking for a loving family that will dote on her and treat her as she deserves–a lifetime cherished member. Our rescue works from our hearts for our dogs; it is the least we can do for them because they deserve nothing less. We owe it to our dogs that the wonderful people who stand to be the last chapter of their rescue and the first chapter of their new forever lives deserve her.

This dog cannot be adopted to Massachusetts residents due to new laws regarding rescue dogs being prohibited from adoption. Please contact Patricia Cabral at: 617-626-1786 or Mike Cahill at: 617-626-1794 for questions regarding what dogs you are allowed to adopt

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