ADOPTED 10-29-11 – Jodi is a sweet heart!!  Jodi was rescued from a high kill shelter in Louisiana.  She was in horrible condition, very, very underweight and covered with fleas. Due to her condition, she was not scheduled to be put in the adoptable section, luckily we were able to have her pulled and brought her into rescue. Jodi’s southern foster did a great job getting Jodi healthy and got her ready to travel north to her northern foster.

Jodi loves people and is very cuddly. She has the sweetest habit of tilting her head and resting it against your chest so that you can pat her.  Jodi is petite, about 45 lbs.  She is a talker and will make noise let you know when she needs to go out but she is not a barker.  Jodi loves little children and is very gentle with them. She is becoming very comfortable greeting new people and runs up to them to receive attention.  She is the kind of dog who truly becomes everyone’s best friend.

Movie #1 – In the Shelter     

Movie #2 – After 1st Treatment

Movie #3 – Becoming A Dog    

Movie #4 – After she is cleaned up
Movie #5 – Getting Better

Jodi has good house-manners and has the run of the house while her people are at work.  She doesn’t need a crate and is totally housebroken and trustworthy. She likes to sit up on the couch with her people and just hang out when at home.  She is excellent in the car and loves to go for rides. She is wonderful off leash and comes when called. She likes to chase chipmunks and squirrels so when loose she does need to be in a secure area. Jodi likes other dogs and loves to race around and run with them. She particularly likes to greet small dogs and seems to love puppies.

Jodi will make an excellent addition to some lucky family. She would love a family that will take her for long daily walks in places where she could run, chase and explore.  She needs at least 2 good walks per day, and is just fine with 30 minutes in the morning and at night as long as some of that involves running and exploring. She likes playing with other dogs so a playful companion would be a plus as well.  She likes to chase balls and loves a particular squeaky ball so much that she will bark at you to throw it.

Jodi has been through a lot in her short life. In spite of everything Jodi remains sweet, loving and totally adorable. She  deserves a wonderful future to make up for all she’s been through – we are looking for a very special family for this sweet girl, one that will make sure she knows she will never be hungry again and most of all love her the way she will love them.

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Application instructions: click the link below to apply for adoption of this dog.

Age10 Months
Life Average
LocationBelchertown MA
BreedGolden Retriever Mix/
Children8 to 14, Over 14
LocationMonroe, LA

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