ADOPTED ON 05-20-17 – Huck is a handsome Yellow Lab who, along with his siblings, had the misfortune of being unwanted and discarded. Never has a puppy been luckier, however, than to be abandoned on an angel’s doorstep days before he is born, and is now on the road to a very happy ending.

Huck’s mom was very pregnant when she was dumped on a stranger’s porch. This wonderful elderly lady would have it no other way than to care for Huck’s mom and her new litter. There are not very many people with as big a heart as hers. She did the best she could on a meager fixed income to feed and care for 6 dogs, but it became too much. She sought help from the local sheriff’s office who found her a shelter to bring the pups to. The shelter spayed momma dog and returned her to the woman (the two had bonded and were now inseparable) with the promise that all “her babies” would be found good homes. The litter of pups were in such good health from the wonderful care they had received that the shelter wondered if this loving lady had skipped meals to feed all the dogs.  Such giving hearts are rare and this family was blessed to be placed on her porch that day.

Today, Huck is a happy, healthy, good-natured puppy who loves people and other dogs. He is active, and loves to walk and run. He would make a wonderful jogging companion and enjoys just about everything, including swimming, but he settles down nicely when playtime is over. As with all puppies, Huck needs love to teach him all the things he needs to know, but so far he is a sweetheart and would make a great addition to a home with children or active adults.

His foster mom describes Huck as a sociable happy-go-lucky little guy, like most puppies, he explores everything around him because he’s curious about the world. His playful happy energy will make a wonderful playmate for a family with kids and he would be a perfect companion to another dog. He likes to be with his humans, get plenty of belly rubs, and have a nice warm bed and cuddle up with you wherever you are. Would you open your heart to Huck and give him a forever home?

This dog cannot be adopted to Massachusetts residents due to new laws regarding rescue dogs being prohibited from adoption. Please contact Patricia Cabral at: 617-626-1786 or Mike Cahill at: 617-626-1794 for questions regarding what dogs you are allowed to adopt.

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