Leash, House And Basic Command Trained
Good With People Good With Other Dogs
Classic Black and Tan Coat Spayed**Fully Vetted

ADOPTION DATE 05-31-19:  Our German shepherd rescue is once again blessed with presence of a young female that has refused to give up on life despite the horror that that was visited upon her. Our girl is named Holly and she has developed into a beautiful 3 year old of dignity, pride, presence and unsurpassed ability to love. Our girl will never weigh more than about 65 pounds due to the fact of her being intentionally stunted so that the “breeder” could put more dogs to the pen. Holly endured starvation, breeder boarding, infestation, isolation and physical abuse making the fact that she still found a way to not only survive but become a loving companion a truly humbling experience.

Holly has passed all of our training and socialization programs reflecting a high capacity to learn, a strong human drive and a nice social base with both people and other dogs. As a trainer I learn from each dog but in Holly’s case she took me to areas of forgiveness and unconditional love that is beyond my ability comprehend, I can only marvel.




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