ADOPTED 02-01-14 – When Duey and his 2 brothers were captured by animal control, he was afraid of everything!  It was obvious that he was overwhelmed by the changes in his life; the volunteers gave him several days to settle in the City pens before they would try to touch him.  When Duey and his two brothers were caught, they were all in a live trap, which was very unusual. Seems that someone, whom they knew, put them in the trap intentionally and we think that they were abused.

Duey is in good health, he is a healthy weight; and was neuter scheduled 11/26/13. After a few more days, Duey and one of his brothers went to a foster home in the south. He is the most trusting of the 3 siblings,  he finally made eye contact with his southern foster mom a few days later; she was able to pet him and get him used to humans.   He continued to make progress and after a few more days, he walked on leash with mom’s nieces, ages 6 & 8, and played with her other dogs.  Duey is now very happy and when he gets excited, he jumps for joy, but, he does get a little unsure around larger dogs,

Duey is adjusting well to his new schedule, when is work, he is put in the same crate with his brother; they are content to rest, and are quiet as a mouse!  🙂 When he is with other dogs, he is excellent, not bossy and is well balanced with a pack family of 8 dogs.  He enjoys playing with dogs his size and has socialized well with multiple small dogs.  He is still a bit intimidated by Jake (Black Cur) and by Liquorice (Lab) who both weighs about 50 pounds.  He runs for cover between mom’s legs when Jake growls at him, or when Liquorice wants to play.  He is making progress fast and will adjust to any new home, it is obvious, he loves life because he wants to trust and mom says he is very smart.

Duey is good with kids; 3 children helped walk 5 dogs.  At first, he just wanted to stay with mom, but very quickly he tolerated being “trained” by the kids.  Remember, he had just been taken out of the city pens the day before and the following day they were taken for a walk on a leash with children. He shares his food bowl with his brother, and even with foster canines Marley and Bruce–there have been no food issues.  He sits quietly in your lap in the car, is excellent in the crate and could not be better in his crate, and is improving on his leash skills.

This little guy will be sure to steal your heart away with just one look into those puppy eyes. Duey is as sweet as they come. He will be that perfect cuddle buddy you have been looking for. He is always the first to want to lay right up with you when it’s movie and popcorn time. He is smart and a cooperative little dog and will make a loving companion for any family.

The average life expectancy for Duey is about fifteen years. It’s incredibly how hardy these little dogs are when considering that larger, ‘tougher’ breeds such as Mastiffs and Great Danes have a life expectancy of only seven to nine years.  He is vivacious, intelligent, and lovely energetic, he thrives on human companionship and we guaranteed he will make you laugh with his unending attempts to gain your approval.

Duey is the perfect, little guy! He has both great looks and a great personality! This little sweetheart will bring tons of love into your home. He is very affectionate and loves cuddling. He’s always doing something cute to grab your attention and it always works! Duey is healthy and will come to you up to date on vaccinations and pre-spoiled. He is going to be a great addition to your family and he can’t wait to meet you! Don’t miss out on this cutie! Don’t let this little cuddle bug pass you by. He is just waiting for you to make him your forever best friend.


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Disclaimer: Please note that the breeds posted on our dogs’ biographies are our best guess based on years of working with rescue dogs. Adopters who need to know the exact breed or mix of breeds of a particular dog must have the dog’s DNA tested at their own expense.


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Age 12 Months
Life Average
Sex Male
Weight 21-30lbs
Location Terryville CT
Breed Jack Russell Mix/
Altered Yes
Dogs Yes
Children All Ages
House Yes
Energy Low
Fence Helpful
Crate Loves Crate
Leash Yes
Car Yes
Personality Shy

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