ADOPTED ON 04-22-17 – A call to a rescue is the first decision that once made if we respond or not, changes the course for a dog and the rescue. The hearts of a rescuer responds praying and hoping that they can meet the medical demands of the dog. Our southern partner received a call that there four black puppies were dumped on a dirt road in a very remote location not too far from where she lives.  She went to see if I could find them and sure enough …they were still in the same ditch as reported….waiting and hoping that someone would change their mind and return for them or maybe some other kind person would see them and stop for them.

These sweet babies were so hungry that they were eating on a carcass of a dead animal to try to ease their hunger pains, they all had mange and were skinny but with bloated pot bellies from the worms in their tummies.  Their siblings, all female, are named, Chanel, Magic & Sazzy and are all still available. I waited and after a while they cautiously ventured out to me and decided they were ready to trust me…anything had to be better than the situation they were in.  I brought them home and wormed them first, then started their vaccinations and the treatment for the mange. They are all in perfect health now and each of them have the most beautiful!

Char’ coat is soft shiny hair. She is a happy and healthy dogs and seems to be very grateful and are very friendly and loving.  She is a beautiful girl, very smart and eager to learn.  She watches every move you make and she picks up on your routine very easily. She has a little longer hair than the others and is just a tad bit larger too. She needs a normal amount of routine exercise that all puppies need and require to be healthy and happy. She knows she has been rescued and appreciates almost thanks us every day. She is great with all other dogs, does fine with kids and adults…loves anyone who loves her back

Char is still very young and will need more one on one work individually on house training, however, we have discovered that dogs that are outside are very easy to train because that is where they go. She is fine in a care, naturally, she is crated for safety reasons and tolerates the crate. She has no fears and is doing as good as a puppy can do in her leash training.

Char will do well in a nice big backyard, preferably fenced, however, it an active family and many other lifestyles that meet the exercise need twice a day are always considered. We also work with our adopters on alternative solutions. As the dog grows, the exercise needs diminish. We are looking for a family who adores dogs, and gives them plenty of love and attention. Char would be a great companion if your family had another dog or two – she is presently living with about 30 dogs of all personalities, ages and breeds.

This dog cannot be adopted to Massachusetts residents due to new laws regarding rescue dogs being prohibited from adoption. Please contact Patricia Cabral at: 617-626-1786 or Mike Cahill at: 617-626-1794 for questions regarding what dogs you are allowed to adopt.

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