Our vet has recommended that all dogs under 6 months not to spay or neuter the pups because they are too young and their bodies are not fully developed.  Adoption donation includes transport and all vaccinations, except for the Lyme—therefore, the dogs will not need to get any vaccinations for the first year.  

ADOPTED DATE 12-09-18: Lizzy’s first few years of life was as sad as anyone can imagine. She was abandoned in Louisiana and left behind in a mobile home park when her family moved away and left her behind, Imagine this tiny tea cup of a dog looking at a world of hunger and just about everything that was as bigger than her. Thankfully, a kind neighbor took her in, then she connected with Rescue Dog Village’s southern foster partner and asked her find her a home. Patricia, took good care of little Liz and gave her love, kisses, warm food and a soft bed. Liz was taken to the vet, went thru heartworm treatment with a breeze and is now in tip top shape and was ready to be sent up North to a new foster home. Patricia needed to make room for another dog that needed her help.

Lizzy’s new Northern foster and family reports that she still loves humans and is able to move on from her traumatic beginnings. Lizzy, is a small 8 pound bundle of love.  She loves being held, giving kisses and snuggling.  She follows her foster mom around the house and wants to be with her.  She prefers to sleep in the bed with her 11 year old son than in the crate.  She is quiet and barks minimally. She gets along great with both big and little dogs.  She gets along with children.  She is not a big lover of the outside and would rather stay and do her business on the pee pads in the house. She is working on house training.  She tends to freeze when out on the leash and needs some reassurance.

Lizzy has continued to improve in her Bristol foster home; her mom is working on some commands and said she is very very motivated by food.  She LOVES people food and will beg for it.  She can jump on most coaches and beds and loves to be comfortable.  She will run in the house a bit and play but she is not high energy.  She has the ability to remove her sweaters on her own that amazes her mom but sometimes she gets them stuck.  She gets cold easily and really needs to have a sweater on.  She hated the snow and clung to them when they tried to have her stand in it.

Lizzy is good with other dogs, children, is fine in the car, crate, has no food issues and has no known fears. She is unsure about cats but we believe she would do great with them. Lizzy deserves a loving family who will continue to show her what a truly happy ending is. She has come a long way indeed, and should be loved as a true member of the family. This adorable girl is looking for a loving family that will dote on her and treat her as she deserves–a lifetime cherished member. Our rescue works from our hearts for our dogs; it is the least we can do for them because they deserve nothing less.

Lizzy deserves a loving family in a nice warm cozy home where she could sleep next to her family who truly cares about her this time. She is ready to slide right into your heart, do you have the requirements of a forever home of his own and endless love to celebrate her special qualities? Now all she needs is many years where she can continue to be a happy and loyal member of a family. Will you open your heart to her and give her the love she so deserves? In return, her love, companionship and friendship will be with you every day, rain or shine. 5 

This dog cannot be adopted to Massachusetts residents due to new laws regarding rescue dogs being prohibited from adoption. Please contact Patricia Cabral at: 617-626-1786 or Mike Cahill at: 617-626-1794 for questions regarding what dogs you are allowed to adopt 

ALL interested adopters MUST complete an application; agree to a vet reference check, phone interview and home visit. ALL family members MUST be in attendance for home visits – no exceptions. This helps us get to know everyone in the family so that we can help find the right dog for you 

Disclaimer: Please note that the breeds posted on our dogs’ biographies are our best guess based on years of working with rescue dogs. Adopters who need to know the exact breed or mix of breeds of a particular dog must have the dog’s DNA tested at their own expense.


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