ADOPTED 08-12-11 – Bromius aka Checkers is a sweet lovable pup.  At first, he was frightened and had that shell shock look in his eyes. His foster mom took him home and introduced him to her 8 dogs; they accepted him right away.  Checkers  saw that her dogs liked her, wanted to be with her and that I could be trusted.  He takes morning walks and runs for a tennis balls into the pond for the dogs to fetch. Checkers is not much for fetching but he loves to swim.  He wags his tail again and on the third day he gave me his new foster mom one lick kiss and she has received many many great doggie kisses since then.  He likes to chew on dog toys and seems to like being a member of my doggie gang.  Checkers is a sweet, sweet gentle dog.

Checkers is under weight and his coat was matted in some places; the matting had to be trimmed. He is sweet and gentle.  He will bark when excited and playing with other dogs and he likes to swim.  He likes to chew but that is expected at his age.  He is cautious of people at first but once he gets to know you, he likes to play.  He is very affectionate and likes to be petted and curls up next to you once he trusts you.

 Our rescue volunteers will be more than honored to be in touch with you directly and promptly, after receiving your application and conducting a mandatory a veterinarian check. If you have never owned a dog before, please submit your application regardless, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. TAKE NOTE YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR SPAM AS SOME RESPONSES FROM US WIND UP THERE WE’VE DISCOVERED. Also, take care to contact your veterinarian to let them know a member of rescue will be inquiring about your pet history!

Application instructions: click the link below to apply for adoption of this dog.

Age 6 Months
Life Average
Sex Male
Weight 31-40 lbs
Location West Monroe LA
Breed Dutch Shepherd/Catahoula
Altered Yes
Fee All Shots + Transport - 500
Dogs Yes
Children 8 to 14
House Yes
Energy Medium
Fence Yes
Crate Yes
Leash Yes
Car Yes
Location Mississippi

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