Our vet has recommended that all dogs under 6 months not to spay or neuter the pups because they are too young and their bodies are not fully developed.  Adoption donation includes transport and all vaccinations, except for the Lyme—therefore, the dogs will not need to get any vaccinations for the first

ADOPTED ON: 04-18-20: Kelly was found as a stray dog and rescued by our southern vet—have to be very special to get noticed by a vet. She is German Shepherd / Catahoula mix—see “Facts About The Breed” at the end of the bio.  She is approximately eight months old, fully vaccinated, HW Negative, spayed and has been given a six month pro heart shot for heart worm prevention so she is covered for the next six months.

Kelly is polite, even a little shy at first and an easy going gal; all the staff at the vet’s office have worked with her and tell us she is has a remarkable sweet nature and is extremely comical. She is energetic, alert, strong, easy to train and very even-tempered. See the video, the person talking is the vet, Nan, she is telling to Kelly to smile–watch her funny little lip curl when she tries to smile—makes  her unique!

Kelly’s is being fostered by our vet and she tells us that she is very good with toddlers, other dogs and has been exposed to cats with no problems. However, we cannot assume that this is true with new cats–dogs and cats need to be supervised if the home has a cat and is the responsibility of the adopter to make sure all animals are safe.

Kelly is the type of dog that is content to sit by your side and cuddle, eat a few treats and take a nap, knowing all the time that she is fully on top of everything happening. She is in constant possession of a special smile that tells you she has knowledge you do not have and that she is tolerating your lack of said knowledge.

Her brilliant smile and personality will keep you totally entertained, she is a beautiful combination of clown and professor. She knows she is good looking and fully expects you to be aware of this fact at all times. She has no issues of any kind, fits in everywhere and gets along with everyone, in her case just open your heart and she will walk right in.

Catahoula  generally will live long lives of 10 to 14 years and  one of the most popular breeds in the USA because they are loyal, loving, affectionate and patient, making great family dogs.  They are highly intelligent—like a German Shepherd, good-natured, very willing and eager to please. The Catahoula Breed is among the top choices for service dog work. They love to play, especially in water, never wanting to pass up the opportunity for a good swim.

These lively dogs have an excellent, reliable, temperament and are friendly, superb with children and equable with other dogs. They crave human leadership and need to feel as though they are part of the family and are easily trained.

Most GS owners say that the characteristics of German Shepherds are that incredibly loyal, and friendly. Ask anybody who has adopted a GS, their bond with their rescued family is strong. GS wants nothing more than to please their family. No matter what circumstances brought them to the shelter or rescue group, they are an exceptionally affectionate, extremely loyal, bond completely and deeply with their new human caretakers.

German Shepherd are friendly but have a calm confidence about them, they may seem kind of reserved. When in need, however, a German Shepherd is instantly ready to protect, play a game or perform a task—in some cases as a guard dog, police dog, herder or seeing eye dog. With a strong work ethic and an eager intelligence, GS breeds are good with other dogs and children especially if they have been exposure to them.

This dog cannot be adopted to Massachusetts residents due to new laws regarding rescue dogs being prohibited from adoption. Please contact Patricia Cabral at: 617-626-1786 or Mike Cahill at: 617-626-1794 for questions regarding what dogs you are allowed to adopt 

ALL interested adopters MUST complete an application; agree to a vet reference check, phone interview and home visit. ALL family members MUST be in attendance for home visits – no exceptions. This helps us get to know everyone in the family so that we can help find the right dog for you 

Disclaimer: Please note that the breeds posted on our dogs’ biographies are our best guess based on years of working with rescue dogs. Adopters who need to know the exact breed or mix of breeds of a particular dog must have the dog’s DNA tested at their own expense.


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