Adoption Follow-Up


Adjusting * Problems

  • • Is he/she house trained? • Does he/she chew? • Any excessive barking? • Any anxiety issues?
    • If so, can we provide you with any assistance?
  • Some dog behavior is labeled as bad behavior when it can sometimes be a sign that a dog is not getting enough exercise. Some examples are:
    - pacing - chewing up furniture
    - digging up the yard - non-stop barking
    - jumping on everyone

Which one is Alpha?


Children * Food * Vet * Sleep * Exercise


Is your dog social with:

  • • Are you having any problems with the dog’s socialization?
    • Do you know what steps to take to socialize (dog’s name) with people and other animals?
    DEFINITION OF A SOCIAL DOG - ability to interact with unfamiliar men, children, women, cats, and dogs
    In order to help dogs learn to cope & respond, in a healthy & acceptable manner, to people, animals, places & things they might encounter along the road of life, you can:

  • -EXPOSE the dog slowly to different kinds of people, animals and environments, which involves everything from vet visits to walks to the park
    -ADVISE the adopter notes the dog’s response;
    -IF the dog seems to have a difficult time, do not continue and stop the exercise;
    -DISCUSS dog obedience classes and enter discussion here;
    -ASK if they would like you to pass the information along and can have a founder give them a call.

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