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ROSIE AD 03-17-14


ADOPTED 03-17-14 – December 16, 2013 was a bitter cold December night, a starved and neglected mamma dogwas in terrible shape and was looking at her last few days.  Her hipbones and ribs were showing and she was giving all she could to her nursing 6 puppies.  Her saggy breasts were full of milk and she was bursting with intestinal worms.

A dog pound in LA received a desperate plea that was shared on a Facebook post regarding a Chocolate Lab mix Mamma dog and her 6 black lab puppies that were in need of a home—even though their pens were full–they responded. The post stated that the Momma dog had wandered under the lady’s house trailer & gave birth to the 6 puppies.  The woman explained that she had brought them in out of the cold and had taken the pregnant momma as a stray, letting her come inside after she had the tiny puppies in a cold winter rain.  She said her landlord demanded that had to go now that the puppies were 5 weeks old; sadly, she had two days to get rid of them. She explained she would have to take them to the shelter in West Monroe, LA if nobody could help her, those of us in rescue know what that means and how many dogs are euthanized in West Monroe.

In an area where there is only one shelter that takes surrenders of 6,000 to 8,000 dogs every month and only have 60 pens, this Mamma dogs future was heading toward being euthanized due to lack of space; the volunteer knew that the Mamma dog would certainly be killed.  When she arrived to pick them up, she discovered that the woman had lied!  A man met the volunteer at the door telling her how he had “raised her from a puppy as small as those right there.” In addition, it was obvious that the woman had also lied on FB but lucky for the momma and her pups that she did because now she and her babies had a chance at a new life.

The momma dog was in terrible physical condition, she was malnourished, wormy, every rib showing and pulled way down from nursing puppies; and she was missing hair along her back from a skin condition. In spike of her obvious horrible life, she was very sweet and trusted humans. The husband did not want her anymore; she had never been vaccinated or dewormed.  The Mamma dog was in terrible shape and the volunteer took her anyway without argument.

The next day her medical issues were aggressively addressed right away and she was started on a high fat food diet. Her hair continues to become silkier as her routine deworming and heartworm prevention continues.  She is now spayed, fully vaccinated, and heart worm negative!

In her southern foster home she didn’t need to be crated. When her foster mom was home she had free run of the house, generally she liked to stay wherever her humans were. She has a little stuffed donkey that she and all the other dogs played with and she likes all kinds of treats!  She seems to prefer the fluffy pillow beds to the blankets for her bed.  She is a wonderful girl and her southern family misses her now that she has been moved to a foster home up north in order for our southern partner to help another dog. She enjoys being around the kids and loves attention.   Adassah, 5 years old said to tell you she and Noel, 6 yrs. old LOVE Rosie!  They call her Rose. :))) She has patience with her southern foster grand children  Mom told us: “she is excellent with my grandchildren and allows them to lead her around on leash all weekend when they visit”.

Rosie always approaches gently to her southern fosters grandchildren; while we would expect her to be great around very small children, it is also important that her new family understands that it is their responsibility to keep everyone safe.  When she was around the two children she tolerated anything they came up with.  The girls were spontaneous, as most children are and sometimes were a little rough but Rosie loved to play in the forts they built.  She just stood there when the 6 year old pretended to ride on her back and she followed them around on leash all weekend long. 🙂

Rosie is sweet, gentle soul and has a low to moderate energy level—she just loves life She loves attention but is not pushy about seeking it.  She always comes when called, and is eager to please.  She enjoys playing outside but is quiet in the house, and fully potty trained!  Excellent, even around food, plays well, even in a group of 7 dogs, including a 10-pound Daschund mix to a 60-pound Cur.  She was a wonderful Mother to her puppies and took good care of them; she gave them her tender outlook on life! All of her babies are in loving homes; wonderful applicants responded and opened their hearts to Rosie’s pups, We don’t know if she is good around cats but we can’t imagine that it would be a problem. She has no food issues; she is fully housetrained, excellent in the car, good in the crate, has excellent leash skills and has not shown any fears.

A rose is a beautiful flower, soft to look at and it sends a sweet fragrance to all those that are close to it. When you meet Rosie, you can understand why her name conveys the same thoughts; it flawlessly because her name truly describes her personality, her spirit and her story. Her northern foster mom and dad tells us after 2 days with Rosie that she “Can’t Get Enough Of Her”, that “She Is The Best Dog!” “I Can’t Even Say Enough About How Loving And Gentle And Sweet She Is!!!! “; “She Is A Beautiful Old Soul!!” Huge testimonials about a rescue dog that was not wanted.

In her 2 short years, Rosie has seen and experienced a lifetime of pain, desperation, rejection and now hope—the foundation of this great country, even for dogs, thanks to our partner that went out on a cold winters night because she could not turn her back on a mamma dog and her babies—even though her pens were full. This angel of compassion took Rosie and her babies to her home and nursed them back to health. PHENOMENONAL, it shows how one person can bring about so much good, to so many, in order to overcome hopelessness, pain and even near death.

All of the rescue village volunteers that have met or helped Rosie have been impacted by her story, she has touched our hearts and left her paw print with us; her courage and journey are an inspiration. It takes lots of work to heal their bodies that have suffered from neglect and abuse. The emotional scars that they carry are everlasting and forever leave an imprint of their story with fosters, their families and all that have met her and heard her story. Rosie is happy just to be in the same room with people, but never overbearing.  She would be good with children or maybe an elderly couple, because she doesn’t get underfoot. Rosie would enjoy being around other dogs. A home with lots of attention, including children, would also be great! This dignified sweet girl is laid back, loves a good meal, a run in the yard, a soft bed and a warm lap. She would enjoy having her head stroked; she likes squeaky toys and is happy with a human by her side. She will make someone out there a great friend, in return, she promises years of devotion and unconditional love. The perfect home for her will be a family that will love and appreciate her because she has earned it.


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Life Average
Sex Female
Weight 31-40 lbs
Location West Hartford CT
Breed Chocolate Lab Mix
Altered Yes
RDV # RDV416
Dogs Yes
Children All Ages
House Yes
Energy Medium
Fence Helpful
Crate Yes
Leash Yes
Car Yes
Personality Social
Organization Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc.
Name Kris
Phone 860.940.3350
Location Preston, CT
Email rescuedogvillage@yahoo.com
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