ADOPTED 11-05-11 – My name is LADY and I have 4 sisters; we are looking for a new home. Lady has pretty markings; she is gentle and will bark to let you know she wants your love and attention. She should go to an experienced family who knows how to work with a vocal dog and help her redirect her barking. She just needs gentle guidance to help her and with a little work, she will be a perfect dog.

These girls are very special and eager to give love and find forever homes.  Take a look at these two short video to see how charming they are!!”

♥  Video#1 ♥  Video#2

The litter of 5 girls was deposited in Hattiesburg, MS in early September with no information on their background.  Their future was at risk due to a minor case of ringworm on 3 of the dogs. They needed to go into foster or be euthanized due to the shortage of quarantined space in Southern Mississippi shelters and the abundance of puppies brought into the world by people who do not want to keep them or find them forever homes.

These girls are all active dogs and will need a lot of playtime especially at this age.  Bernese are a working or herding breed, they need to have a “job” which can be just picking up things, playing frisbee or fetch… all the way to Agility competitions… possible Herding events.

They are to getting an hour of play in the morning and the evening currently with their litter-mates but will do fine with other dogs or a devoted owner.  Training and socialization is always important in the first year to ensure a dog who will be a good asset to your home.

These beautiful female puppies have lustrous fur and are all of them have tri-color coats. The nice people that are taking good care of me think we might be Burmese Mountain Dog. The Burmese dogs have peaceful and sociable attitudes with other animals and love to hang out at home.

The Bernese mountain dog is steady-tempered and easygoing and is known to be self-cleaning. The Bernese loves getting out, especially in cool weather. Romping in the snow is a favorite form of recreation for this breed, and pulling carts and sleds is a wonderful source of exercise, especially if it involves children.

They are all less than 15 lbs and are about 3 months old right now. My new mom is trying to help us so we don’t have to go back to that kill shelter because she is scared to death that we could also end up in the wrong homes or bait for fighting dogs.  She just can’t stand the thought of me and my sisters ending up in the wrong place or PTS.

She emailed one of the founders of Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc. that lives in MS and asked for help to find us new homes so here we are. Our mom will be able to keep us for a little while but we need to find our new home soon. We heard her say that out of the 7000 dogs that get put to sleep, only 1000 make it to loving homes. Please fill out an application and love one of these sweet wonderful healthy happy puppies.

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Application instructions: click the link below to apply for adoption of this dog.

Age3 Months
Life Average
LocationBelchertown MA
BreedBurnese Mountain Dog. /
FeeAll Shots + Transport - 500
ChildrenAll Ages

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