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HIRO AD 09-20-14


ADOPTED ON  09-20-14 – Hiro is almost super human; those that are with him daily told us that he is “the most friendly dog they have ever come across. He loves humans and animals with his whole heart. He loves to run, is a very devoted, gentle happy-go-lucky dog that is very affectionate to his family.” Hiro’s rescue story is hard to think about for anyone that owns a dog or loves animals; we can’t imagine what we would do in the same situation. His previous owner loved him very much but after having him for a year, did the most loving selfless act that was best for him—she had to give him up. She told us “she wants the best for him in a great home because he earned it.”

Hiro can go just about anywhere, he is very good with children and friendly with strangers but he is not a watchdog.  Not many dogs can tolerate children because they are so impulsive, lively and fill the room with their voices and Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc. needs to be sure that a dog placed in a home with children will be happy there. Well, we are sure because the German Shepherd / Husky mix has the quality of being faithful to their masters and therefore they too remain faithful too their children and very lovable to the kids.

Hiro is an excellent jogging buddy, he would do well if his new family works from home a lot or maybe you have an elderly parent in the home during the day, they would be magnificent together. It would be helpful if the family is aware of what to expect from this beautiful and intelligent animal and are willing to put the time and energy into him. However, if you are not aware of what to expect but would like to learn, he would be a great dog to learn because both breeds of Hiro have an abundant amount of dog intelligence.

The Huskie part of Hiro is very bright and trainable, but this is the kind of dog that will need the balance of a human that is stronger minded then he is. It is essential that his new family be familiar with how important it is to be the leader. Training takes patience, consistency and an understanding of the Arctic dog character. If you are not this dog’s 100% firm, confident, consistent pack leader, he can become mischievous however, Hiro is older and has out grown a lot of that stage which is a good advantage for his new family because most of the training is done and he is settling down.

Hiro has a moderate energy level, is house trained—but changing homes can sometimes take a dog time to adjust to a new schedule. He is great with cats-but in a new home, supervision is important until they are sleeping buddies. He is neutered, great in the car and in the crate, fair on the leash and does not like the vacuum—but really, who does? There was a famous German Shepherd Husky mix named Chips, he was a decorated war hero. Chips had a special brand of courage, arising from love of master and duty. Chips’ courageous act, single-handedly eliminating a dangerous machine-gun nest, reflects the highest credit on himself and the military service. Hiro comes from some impressive roots and did we mention he is good with cats.

Hiro would do well in a home with a fenced in yard but if you are an active family and can meet his daily exercise needs, a fence might not be necessary. Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc. is committed to fulfilling his previous owners wish to be in a great home. Being loved by a dog makes life truly satisfying and will make the right family intensely happy.

Hiro will be ready to go to his new home in September. If you’re motivated to truly make a difference in his life, he will give so much back in return. Hiro has heroes in his bloodline, no wonder he is good with CATS.

There is no way to determine anything about a mixed breed. The dog will inherit traits and temperament from one or both breeds it is mixed with.  We have seen mixed breeds where a personality is one breed on one dog and another on another sibling. The Husky German Shepherd Mix known as the Gerberian Shepsky is not a pure breed and one of its own kind. It has a mixture of two breeds and that result into a breed called the Gerberain Shepsky. The “German shepherd” and the “Siberian Husky” when gets crosses gives birth to this unique kind of character and is now famous in the worldwide circle of dogs.


  1. The dogs are the part of the two species, which belong to the colder regions. The Gerberian Shesky too cannot stand the hot temperatures and are advisable not to be kept in the areas like the deserts.
  2. The dogs hate water to be poured over them, they need extra care to be kept in area where they can get the moisture from the air and don’t need to get wet in the water.
  3. The German shepherds are regarded as sharp and the Husky as energetic. This mixed breed has the quality of both the dogs.
  4. If you hate to go for jogs and walks, this Gerberian Shepskies surely can help you learn to jog in no time.



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Hiro is almost super human; those that are with him daily told us that he is “the most friendly dog they have ever come across, watch a video of Hiro and see how sweet he is.


Click the expand button in the lower right corner of each video to view full-screen. See Cesar Millan’s tips on dog behavior.


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RDVG wants to provide you with as much information as we can because some of our mix breeds you might not be familiar with. The below section on “About the Breed” offers information on some of the Breed Characteristics, Children & Pets, Behavior and Personality, Temperament and more.

It is important to point out that in addition to the breed, there is an enormous variety in the way a dog acts and reacts to the world around him. In the end, your dog’s preferences and personality are as individual as you are–and if you can accept that– then you’re bound to enjoy each other.

Children & Pets

Animal Behavior Guidelines

Many children, especially very young ones, do not realize that pets are living animals and not toys. Failing to teach a child how to handle pets properly can result in suffering on the part of the pet and, in some cases, injury to the child. Taking introductions slowly will allow you to introduce family dogs and your children safely

Puppy Behavior, Growth & Development

Each stage of Puppy Growth and development is fascinating; by the time it reaches its first birthday a puppy is considered a mature, adult dog. Puppy Growth rate is fast compared to humans, just compare a puppy of 8 weeks to a baby of the same age.

One of the most common questions asked about a puppy’s growth and development rate refers to the eventual size of the puppy. How big will the puppy grow? How can you determine the adult size of a puppy? A young puppy is tiny and cute – everyone loves puppies! But will the puppy be suited to your environment? How much exercise will be required for a full grown dog? Will the puppy be a suitable pet for children? The breed of the puppy will determine the answers to these questions. A general response to the size and growth rate of a puppy and the adult size of a puppy is therefore not possible – it needs to be specific to the puppy’s breed.

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Age 4 Years
Life Average 12-15 Years
Sex Male
Weight 51-60lbs
Location Winnsboro LA
Breed Huskey/German Shepard
Altered Yes
Fee All Shots + Transport – 450
RDV # RDV486
Dogs Yes
Children All Ages
House Yes
Energy Medium
Fence Helpful
Crate Yes
Leash Yes
Car Yes
Personality Social
Organization Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc.
Name Kris
Phone 860.940.3350
Location Preston, CT
Email rescuedogvillage@yahoo.com
Facebook Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc.
Rescue Dog Village Guardian, Inc.