ADOPTED (S) 01-22-13 –It is amazing how much we can learn from dogs. They are all loving, all forgiving and never judge. Gabe is proof that this is true. His rescue story is hard to read but must be told because it teaches us all about the cruelty of humans and the reason that rescues must continue their work. Gabe was shot through his bottom jaw and it was brutally fractured, someone tried to kill him. He was found by an angel that took him to a vet and had his jaw pieced back together; Gabe is almost fully recovered and ready for a loving home. The left side of his face will always be a little crooked but that makes him very unique and gives him the individual character that he possess inside as well as outside.

Gabe has a life span of 10 to 14 years and has a beautiful spotted, brindle, solid, or patched coat of many striking colors. He is a good swimmer, is protective of his family and can be dogmatic about who is and isn’t trustworthy, in other words, he is an excellent judges of character. He is already showing us that he is loving, calm and a dedicated companion.

Gabe’s personality is a very sweet; he needs a special loving home.
Take a look at this short video to see how charming he is!!”

Gabe loves everyone and gets along very well with dogs and cats; he has a super friendly temperament. He is about a year old and weighs 35 lbs. He is up to date on all vaccinations, heartworm negative, on heartworm preventative, neutered and micro chipped. He is an active pup but he likes to snuggle and relax indoors too. He doesn’t mind sleeping in a crate and he rarely barks unless he has a good reason to. He is housetrained; leash trained and would make a great addition to any family and would be good with a family with children. Gabe has a pure heart and the kind of dog that you remember for a lifetime.

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Age 1 Year
Life Average
Sex Male
Weight 31-40 lbs, xydac-null
Location West Monroe LA
Breed Catahoula Leopard/
Altered Yes
Fee 0 (Full vaccinations for a year & transport)
RDV# 275
Dogs Yes
Children All Ages, xydac-null
House Yes
Energy Medium, xydac-null
Fence Helpful, xydac-null
Crate Yes, xydac-null
Leash Yes, xydac-null
Car Yes, xydac-null
Personality Social

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