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COUILLON AD 04-06-13


Couillon is the runt of the litter and he had to show his brothers and sisters that even though he was small, he was tough. Couillon is Cajun for someone who is being silly, loud or funny.  His foster tells us that while he is all of those things that decorate his personality; his mirror personality that reflects who he really when he is quiet, he looks at you as his hero. He just seems to soak up any attention and wants to be near his people, he is a smuggler and curling up in your lap is his favorite past time.

When Couillon (Coo-Yon) started out his life, he had no idea how much danger he was in. Small pups left out in the open are often victims of larger animals; it is like ringing the dinner bell for wild life. All he knew was that he and his siblings, 2 sisters and 1 brother, were together. Whoever left them at a church where they were found, thought they were doing a good thing for the pups but there was a 50/50 chance that their story could have been much different.

The rescue angel that found them and could not walk away, has given them a magnificent gift; whatever home Couillon and his siblings live out their lives in, their owners will appreciate that special angel for the many happy hours of companionship.

Already he is showing us how very fantastic he is because he is good in his crate and excellent in the car. If you like taking your dog with you to the store or just have a buddy to ride with you, Couillon has already had a good start.

As he grows during the first year, he will require extra exercise every day in order to stay both physically and mentally healthy. A bored pup will often try to make its own fun, which might result in behaviors that are unacceptable to you.  We recommend two walks of 30 minutes-or longer-and two short walks of about 10-15 minutes to avoid accidents. It is important that you understand the need for a schedule play time in the yard every day to satisfy your energetic pup’s need to play.  To help his need to chew, provide bones, chews and toys so he doesn’t get bored.

Couillon is the kind of dog that is a loyal companion, he is affectionate and social. He loves to be around humans and he is eager to be part of family activities. He ispatient with children, friendly with strangers, and accepting of other dogs and pets. He is eager to please and offers a cheerful outlook and friendly nature.  He has an average life of 10 to 16 years.

Couillon is available and has had all his puppy vaccinations.  In addition to his medical needs, we recognize that it is very important for a dog that lives with its littermates and has constant positive interactions with people and other animals during the first 3 to 4 months of life will be more stable than a dog plucked from its family and isolated in a cage for weeks. Being raised properly contributes to a dog’s confidence, sociability, and stability of mood. It also positively effects its intellectual development. The bottom line is that a pup raised in a warm, loving family environment is likely to be more tolerant and accepting, and a better problem solver. Her foster mom has made sure that he has had time with his siblings so that they are mentally and physically sound.

Couillon would love to have a family or person who will play with him and let him snuggle up on the couch with them. He is a perfect companion and he needs a unique family that will treat him with the love that he deserves. Not many dogs like Couillon come along; he is one of those special dogs that connect with all who meet him. We are committed to make sure that Couillon is adopted by a special family that will ensure his happiness.

Application instructions: click the link below to apply for adoption of this dog.

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RDVG wants to provide you with as much information as we can because some of our mix breeds you might not be familiar with. The below section on “About the Breed” offers information on some of the Breed Characteristics, Children & Pets, Behavior and Personality, Temperament and more.

It is important to point out that in addition to the breed, there is an enormous variety in the way a dog acts and reacts to the world around him. In the end, your dog’s preferences and personality are as individual as you are–and if you can accept that– then you’re bound to enjoy each other.

Children & Pets

Animal Behavior Guidelines

Many children, especially very young ones, do not realize that pets are living animals and not toys. Failing to teach a child how to handle pets properly can result in suffering on the part of the pet and, in some cases, injury to the child. Taking introductions slowly will allow you to introduce family dogs and your children safely

Puppy Behavior, Growth & Development

Each stage of Puppy Growth and development is fascinating; by the time it reaches its first birthday a puppy is considered a mature, adult dog. Puppy Growth rate is fast compared to humans, just compare a puppy of 8 weeks to a baby of the same age.

One of the most common questions asked about a puppy’s growth and development rate refers to the eventual size of the puppy. How big will the puppy grow? How can you determine the adult size of a puppy? A young puppy is tiny and cute – everyone loves puppies! But will the puppy be suited to your environment? How much exercise will be required for a full grown dog? Will the puppy be a suitable pet for children? The breed of the puppy will determine the answers to these questions. A general response to the size and growth rate of a puppy and the adult size of a puppy is therefore not possible – it needs to be specific to the puppy’s breed.

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Life Average
Sex Male
Weight 31-40 lbs
Location West Monroe LA
Breed GreyhoundLabrador Retriever
Altered Yes
Fee All Shots + Transport – 500
RDV # 268
Dogs Yes
Children All Ages
House Yes
Energy Medium
Fence Helpful
Crate Yes
Leash Yes
Car Yes
Personality Social
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