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AMBER AD 06-01-13


ADOPTED 06-01-13 – Amber was rescued in Louisiana and lived in a feral pack. She was malnourished and positive for mange. She was treated for both and is healthy, spayed, and up to date on her vaccinations, and has a moderate activity level.

Here are some movies of Amber.

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Amber was transported to a wonderful foster family in the north and has showed us that she is very friendly with those she has met, but is still a little shy with men. She is gentle, not food or toy aggressive and has a healthy appetite.  As the days go by, she is starting to become very playful. Likes to fetch, play with stuffed animals, shown that she is a quick learner and has come a long way in a very short time.

Amber likes to take walks and she is a good jogger if someone needs a partner, she is your dog! She likes to play fetch and nose around the yard, but she is not high energy. She is happy with allot of short play times. She is very calm in the house and has a moderate exercise level. Amber has been with many different dogs and has had no problems.  Amber loves younger children and is very comfortable around them.  She currently lives with two cats that she doesn’t give the time of day. At the most, she will glance at them. No aggression towards them whatsoever.

Amber is a little uncertain about getting in the car, but she is getting better. We can understand that she has never been in a car so we know that it won’t take her long to know that she has nothing to worry about. She is VERY good in the crate and EXCELLENT on the leash. Amber is learning to be more comfortable with public places, loud noise, and strangers. Any new area or situation makes her nervous, but with reassuring words and several attempts she is overcoming this tremendously.  She is an AMAZING DOG

The perfect home would have young children, ideally, between 5-12 because she has not been with babies or toddlers, though her behavior suggests she’d be fine. Her primary caretaker might need to be a female;  however, we are confident that she could adjust to a male that will be gentle with her. Adult males living in the house would need to be patient and let her make the first step. She does not run and hide, she just would rather approach than be approached. She is this way only because this is all new to her. A fenced yard would be nice, but not necessary if she is walked.

Amber’s foster has affection in her voice when she talks about her. She is amazed that this sweet dog is so trusting and willing to please, not to mention, she is a very fast learner. Foster mom told us that the most amazing thing about her is that Amber has a schedule and she keeps to it—her foster family has learned that Amber wants to please and has so much that she wants to giver. When they describe her, they use words, like: smart, soft, loving and very sweet.

When she goes for walks with her foster family in the neighborhood and the park, Amber is drawn to younger children which is why we say that she LOVES to be with younger children. Amber lives with young girl that connected with her immediately and she lovingly watches over Amber, which is where Amber learned that she can trust children. She will readily go up to them tail wagging, giving out loving kisses.  She is EXCELLENT on a leash believe it or not and almost housebroken. Amber’s foster closes her summary with; Amber is very gentle and playful.

Amber deserves a loving home and will give her new family many years of dedication and laughter.  If you are interested in Amber, fill out an application, she won’t be around long.

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Application instructions: click the link below to apply for adoption of this dog.

Age6 Months
Life Average
Weight31-40 lbs
LocationBelchertown MA
BreedGerman Shepherd/Golden
Children8 to 14

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