Our online dog memorial is to serve as a place to honor our best friends who have passed away. These powerful rescue stories of hero’s and victims are dedicated in their memory. This memorial page if for dogs that have touched our lives in one way or another. Edit it here.


SIERRA – 01-09-12

GONE TO THE BRIDGE 01-09-12 – Sadly Sierra had what is called Bloat and had to be put to sleep so that she would not suffer anymore. Bloat is a life-threatening condition, more common in large breed dogs, marked by gastric Read more


TY RIP 11-23-11

REST IN PEACE SWEET TY… 11-23-11 - Ty’s wonderful foster mom Linda said it best…”Sometimes love and the best medical care in the world isn’t enough. This is one of these times. Ty, my very special foster boy went to heaven. As I Read more


JESS 11-17-11

JESS HAS GONE TO THE BRIDGE 11-17-11 – Sadly, Jess has gone to the bridge. More on his story when we get the full details and they love them as their own. It is heart wrenching to not be Read more
Sunny car down

SUNNY 08-01-11

VICTIM DISTEMPER 08-01-11 – Today, we can’t find words, only hurt for that sweet baby that we lost to distemper.  The hardest part is not being there to hold him and tell him he Read more