ADOPTED 02-25-23 – Mariah story is one that you will remember; it is a story of neglect of a sweet charming girl who only wants to please. Because of her neglect, she will have to live with the scars the rest of her life. Her story starts when she was rescued from high kill Shelter in Louisiana by PAWS.

Mariah is a 3-4 year old female Cocker Spaniel weighing about 15 lbs.  Mariah was rescued from a high kill shelter in Louisiana by PAWS.  After her 7 day hold period, Mariah was not claimed by an owner.  She was deemed unadoptable due to her poor skin condition and hair matting and was therefore assigned to euthanasia.  PAWS of NELA stepped in and rescued her from the shelter.  She is now being fostered by the PAWS veterinarian and is ready to be adopted by her forever family.

MARIAH is extremely lovable and gets along wonderfully well with other dogs.

Take a look at this short video to see how sweet she is!!


Mariah had severely infected skin and ears and secondary yeast and bacterial infections.  She also had severely infected anal glands.  After receiving a complete shave down to remove all the matted hair, Mariah was placed on antibiotics and antifungals to treat her skin and infections.  Her skin cleared up almost immediately.  She will continue to stay on the medications for one month with regular baths.

The foster mom thinks Mariah had never eaten dog food prior to living in the foster home.  This is because it took Mariah three days to eat the dog food and she begs people for food.  Therefore, the foster mom thinks the root of her skin issues was due to a poor diet of pure table food.  She is fortunately recovering nicely in her foster home and is on a well-balanced dog food diet.  Mariah will need to maintain an alternative meat source diet with NO “table” food.  Mariah will need regular grooming and ear cleaning since she has very thick, curly fur.

Mariah is a very happy, excited Cocker Spaniel who adores pleasing people.  She is great with other dogs but it is unknown how her behavior is around children.

Application instructions: click the link below to apply for adoption of this dog.

MARIAH#1 AD 02-25-12

ADOPTED 02-25-23 – Mariah story is one that you will remember; it is a story of neglect of…


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Dog Info

Age3-4 Years Old
Life Average
LocationWest Monroe LA
BreedCocker Spaniel/
FeeAll Shots + Transport - 500


ChildrenAll Ages



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  1. Jen P
    Jen P says:

    1-23-12 update
    Mariah is responding wonderfully to crate training and sleeps quietly all night with no accidents for 4 nights in a row now.


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